Top 10 Best Paper Shredder in 2020 (Reviewed)

What is a paper shredder? It is an electronic instrument that meets all your home-office paper shredding needs. Why wait! Get started to do some paperwork online to find the paper shredder that comes within your budget. If you are unable to decide which one to choose, then stay on this page to take home the best paper shredder that meets your particular needs.

Go through the below-mentioned paper shredders that are high in demand by consumers due to their capacity, speed, running time, price, and reviews posted by most praised enthusiastic customers of Amazon.

Made of high quality, they stand to be more convincing ones that can destroy any folded paper, CD, DVD, paper clips, or staples within few minutes to help you stay jam-free and attain high security and peace of mind.

Must buy paper shredders to dispose of the waste that is cost-effective and value for money to bring change in your life!

Top 10 Best Paper Shredder in 2020





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Aurora AS420C

Aurora AS420C

Desktop Style Cross-Cut Paper Shredder with a translucent basket, Durable steel cutters can destroy 40 sheets at a time


Aurora AU820MA

Aurora AU820MA

High-Security 8-Sheet Micro-Cut Paper Shredder, Designed with auto power shut off technology



AmazonBasics 8

Easily strip-cuts eight pages/cds, Wastebasket has large capacity, Runs with auto start and manual reverse


Aurora AU1230XA

Aurora AU1230XA

Heavy-duty cross-cut Shredder, 5.2 Gallon capacity wastebasket, Anti-jam auto-reverse technology


AmazonBasics - 12 Sheet Micro-Cut Shredder

AmazonBasics 12

High-security micro-cut paper shredder, 6.7-gallon capacity wastebasket, Destroys 12 sheets, CDs


AmazonBasics –Low Volume Paper Shredder

AmazonBasics 6

Shreds six sheets into small pieces, High-security micro-cut Shredder, 4.1-gallon Wastebasket 


Bonsaii EverShred

Bonsaii EverShred

18 sheet cross-cut Shredder,  60 minutes continuous run time, Advanced cooling system, 6 gallons wastebasket


AmazonBasics 15- High Volume Paper Shredder

AmazonBasics 15

Four modes power switch, Shred 15 sheets at once, LED indicators , 6 gallon capacity wastebasket


AmazonBasics 17-Best Quiet Paper Shredder

AmazonBasics 17

High security 17 sheets micro-cut Shredder, Quiet Operating Volume, Auto shut off within 5 minutes when not in use


AmazonBasics 24-High Capacity House Office Shredder

AmazonBasics 24

Shreds 24 sheets, CD, DVD, Credit Card, Large capacity Pullout Wastebasket, Auto shut off feature


1. Aurora AS420C - Best Rated

It is one of the best-rated desktop-style cross-cut paper shredders that are praised by many users as it met their personal needs.

This desktop-style paper shredder having durable steel cutters can convert 40 sheets into confetti pieces.

Compact design is lightweight with a translucent basket that is easy to carry with handle, serves true to its purpose.

Fits true to size on any corner of your desk or table to offer you economical document security.

Great bargain to dispose of daily junk mail that includes sensitive information.

Offering thermal protection comes with one letter opener, three-mode power switch, indicator, and detachable power cord. With a 4.5 inch, wide mouth can easily shred up to 4 folded pages and one credit card per pass.

This is ideal for any home/office environment that easily shreds credit cards to 20lb documents without much effort.


  • With durable steel, cutters destroy anything into confetti pieces
  • Compact design is lightweight to lift with a single hand
  • Large capacity pullout Wastebasket
  • Value for money paper shredder


  • Unable to work without power supply
  • Can't resist overload

2. Aurora AU820MA - Higher Security

It can shred eight folded sheets, credit cards, CDs, DVDs, and paper clips into micro size within 5 minutes to keep your information highly confidential.

This Shredder is 17 inches in height and comes with a detachable power cord, wastebasket with integrated handle for easy emptying.

Functional with shred safe technology comes with large capacity wastebasket that is lightweight and easy to clean.

Designed with durable steel cutters, shreds all credit cards and documents into fine strips to offer the user higher security with zero noise when in use.

It offers a higher rate of performance with auto power-off technology and protects the device with an overload when forced entry. It is safe, reliable, and worthy to buy for your home or office work.


  • This device offers a higher rate of performance and security
  • Designed auto power-off technology offers advance safety and overload protection
  • Holds large capacity wastebasket
  • Ready to meet any home/office needs


  • Doesn't allow forced entry of any material
  • It comes in the regular size of the wastebasket

3. AmazonBasics - Budget Pick

It is compatible with shredding 8-Sheet papers, CDs and Credit Cards into strip-cut form one at a time.

This device comes with auto start and manual reverse technology that clears Paper and keeps the machine jam-free.

Till now, many consumers had attained great pleasure using this multi-page document and credit card strip-cut shredder that comes with auto power shut off and detachable power cord.

This machine gets easily overheat if run more than 7 minutes and takes 15 minutes to cool down for the next use.

It is extremely lightweight and offers a large capacity of wastebasket that fits under any table or desk. This Shredder is an ideal cross-cut, strip-cut, and micro-cut home cum office appliance. Priced under 40 dollar, this is a budget pick that comes with one year warranty period.


  • Budget pick paper shredder
  • Auto start and manual reverse keeps device jam-free
  • Large capacity of wastebasket fits under any desk
  • Ideal for home/office environment


  • Continuous run for 7 minutes overheats needs 15 minutes to cool down
  • Offers an only one-year limited warranty

4. Aurora AU1230XA - Heavy Duty

Aurora AU1230XA can shred up to 12 sheets at a time that makes it heavy-duty Shredder to cut anything within 5 minutes of run time.

Built with Anti-Jam and Auto reverse technology, it can cross-cut any paper and Credit Card into smaller pieces without much effort.

It is ideal to purchase and equip in your house or office to perform heavy-duty. Gain economic security to keep your identity safe out of reach of thefts shortly.

 This paper shredder is best supported with 4-mode power switch and led indicator lights to warn you about overload and thermal protection when overheat.

Best supported with 5.2 Gallon wastebasket that comes with an integrated handle that is easy to clean and lift with a single hand. The price makes it is worthy of purchasing a paper shredder.


  • Heavy-duty paper shredder to cross-cut anything
  • Comes with 4-mode power switch, an indicator to detect overload
  • 5 minutes run time shreds paper/CD into tiny pieces
  • 5.2 Gallon wastebasket is easy to clean


  • Continuous running overheats the machine
  • Occupies space as a normal dustbin

5. AmazonBasics - 12 Sheet Micro-Cut Shredder

Among many shredders available in the market, AmazonBasics claims to destroy all types of CDs and DVDs into small pieces without much effort.

This Shredder works great to cut anything into micro-cut pieces that offer high user security to keep his identity safe.

It is high in demand by many customers due to the micro-cut feature.

With a micro-cut paper shredder, you shred up to 12 documents at a time into fine pieces that are ideal for storing your crockery while shifting from one place to another. 

It safeguards your complete documentation that easily cuts your CDs, DVDs and Credit Cards into miniature size. 

It meets all your home/office needs. Yes, its wastebasket is nearly the size of your dustbin easily holds 6.7-gallon waste that is easy to empty. With auto-start and the manual reverse is an ideal machine to cut anything into a micro size that clears paper jams.


  • Ideal micro-cut paper shredder for home and office environment
  • Can shred up to 12 sheets at a time
  • Collects shredded material in the bottom of its wastebasket
  • Gain economical security


  • When run 8 minutes continuous needs 45 minutes to cool down
  • Can't resist overload

6. AmazonBasics – Low Volume Paper Shredder

AmazonBasics is a true Micro-Cut paper shredder that is a hot favorite of many who want to meet low-volume needs.

It can shred shreds quickly up to 6 sheets that include documentation of bank statements, tax payments, telephone bills, and credit cards into about 2,235 pieces within 3 minutes run time.

It offers P-4 level higher-security to keep the user identity safe and clears paper jams without much effort.

Children will love to shred their color papers into micro-sized, and the gardener can use this tiny confetti-like pieces best as mulch. 

With a 3-minute shred cycle, it can clear your paper jam and collect it in its 4.1-gallon wastebasket. Gain thermal protection with auto shut off and manual reverse technology, but to restart the machine, the user needs to wait for half an hour.

This paper shredder easily destroys your paper clips and staples. It works best to offer you peace of mind!


  • Shred 6 sheets at a time into about 2,235 pieces
  • High-security Micro-Cut Paper cum Credit Card Shredder
  • Thermal protection with auto shut off and manual reverse
  • Clears paper jam within 3 minutes into its 4.1-gallon capacity wastebasket


  • Continuous 3 minute run time requires 30 minutes to restart
  • Ideal for only low volume needs

7. Bonsaii EverShred- Best Shredder with continuous Run Time

It is the best selling paper shredder that performs the heavy-duty to offer you economical security.

It holds 6 gallons pull out capacity wastebasket that is ideal for shredding 18-sheet at a time.

With a continuous run time of 60 minutes clears your paper jam without much effort. It can shred any documentation, CD, DVD, paper clips, and staples as it works with auto-start and auto-reverse function.

Leverage its power to shred anything into tiny particles.

This machine works with cutting edge technology and advanced cooling technology to prevent it from overheating and overloading. The transparent window offers a see-through of waste to easy emptying.

Wastebasket with 6 gallons capacity can hold a waste of 400 pages. Priced under 200 dollar with continuous runtime is the most powerful tooling that cross-cut anything into tiny particles.


  • It is 18 sheet cross-cut shredders that destroy anything into tiny particles
  • Works amazing with an advanced cooling system that prolongs its lifetime
  • With thermal protection keeps the equipment safe from overheating
  • Wastebasket can hold 6 gallons of capacity shredded material


  • Clears paper jam as it runs continuously for 60 minutes running time but needs a break to restart
  • Can destroy only one material at a time

8. AmazonBasics 15- High Volume Paper Shredder

It is a Cross-Cut paper shredder that can easily destroy up to 15-Sheets, CDs, Credit Card one at a time.

This Shredder is powered to offer you high security and peace of mind. Continuous running time offers seamless cutting of anything into micro-cut, cross-cut, and dumps the material in the high capacity wastebasket that is detachable and easy to clean.

Works amazing with continuous feed, as its wastebasket holds 6 gallons volume capacity. Benefit its LED indicators that warn you about overheating and overload.

Designed with a four-mode power switch eases auto-start and auto-reverse function, and casters help it to move from one place to another easily. This paper shredder is value for money.


  • Can shred up to 12-15 sheets at a time
  • Holds large capacity wastebasket
  • LED indicators warn about overloading and overheating
  • Comes with casters to shift in any corner of house/office


  • With continuous running, needs rest to restart again
  • Occupies space as a regular dustbin

9. AmazonBasics 17 - Best Quiet Paper Shredder

Having large capacity waste bin to shred up to 17 sheets at a time, it's quiet operating volume has surprised its users that works silently.

This paper shredder is sure to surprise anyone with its outstanding performance and offers peace of mind.

If you are looking for a quiet paper shredder, then this latest machine of AmazonBasics is sure to meet your home or office needs. 

Shredding your documentation into micro-cut pieces offers you higher security. 

Build with auto shut off feature runs continuously up to 20 minutes but needs 50 minutes to cool down. Highly compatible brand to shred your 17 folded papers, CDs, DVDs, Credit Cards into tiny particles. This Shredder is value for money!


  • Shreds 17 sheets, CDs, DVDs, Credit Cards into tiny particles
  • Works with quiet operating volume
  • Comes with 7-gallon wastebasket
  • Works continuously up to 20 minutes


  • After every use needs 50 minutes to cool down
  • Can Shred a particular item one at a time

10. AmazonBasics 24- High Capacity House Office Shredder

AmazonBasics is a reliable brand that can shred 24 sheets with Cross-Cut feature into tiny particles.

Not only Paper, it is also compatible with shredding CD, DVD, and Credit Card to protect you from paper jams every day.

Ideal house and office paper shredder that comes with large capacity 7-gallon pullout basket best supported with casters making it movable.

 It is truly high volume paper shredder than can continuously run for 25 minutes but needs 60 minutes to cool down.

Very effective cross-cut paper shredder to meet your house and office needs.

LED indicators to help you detect overheat or overload as it comes with a large capacity wastebasket. IT works like a champ with no jams, no shutting down, shreds everything seamlessly.


  • Most powerful high volume cross-cut paper shredder
  • Runs continuously to destroy 24 sheets at a time
  • Large capacity pullout wastebasket
  • Ideal house and office machine to clear the paper jam


  • Needs 60 minutes to cool down after every use
  • Comes with one-year limited warranty

Buying Guide: List of Features to Look for in Best Paper Shredder

Looking for a paper shredder that can strip-cut, micro-cut, and cross-cut any Paper, CD, DVD, and Credit Card! Then go through these products mentioned above with pros and cons. Amazon strives to meet standards and allows customers to gain complete satisfaction.

Hence these paper shredders offer you higher security with continuous run time. Choose any one of these brands from Aurora, AmazonBasics, Bonsaii, which offers you a higher rate of performance.

Amazon offers free shipping worldwide, and all its products come with a manual guide and warranty period.

Shredding Volume

It is one of the important features to consider when looking at buying a paper shredder. There are two types of paper shredders: low volume (4-6 pages) and high volume (10-15 pages).

WasteBasket Capacity

Every Shredder collects wastage in the wastebasket. All the products are cut into tiny particles to clear your paper jam and easy emptying.

WasteBasket Capacity

Every Shredder collects wastage in the wastebasket. All the products are cut into tiny particles to clear your paper jam and easy emptying.

Cutting Edge Technology

The durable steel cutters can easily shred Paper, CD, DVD, credit card into confetti pieces that can be used as mulch by the gardener.

From the many choose a paper shredder that includes auto power mode and reverse technologies that are highly beneficial to increase your device lifespan. They are designed to offer you hands-free shredding of Paper, CD, DVD, Credit Card, paper clips, and staples without much effort.

These shredders are ideal desktop and fit true to size under any table or desk. Buy this device to destroy Papers, CDs, DVDs that hold sensitive information to safeguard your identity. Every paper shredder comes with a detachable wastebasket that is easy to store the shredded particles and empty.

Purchase the paper shredder that meets your personal needs and comes within your budget. Get your work done in simpler manner to gain peace of mind!

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