4 Common Speaking Disorders in Children and Adults

Speech and communication disorders can affect people of all ages. It ranges from children beginning to learn the language to adults.

These common disorders can prevent individuals from being able to express themselves. This leads to social isolation, low self-esteem, and difficulty finding and keeping employment.

The causes of these disorders vary. So, understanding the signs and symptoms of common speaking disorders is the key to helping those affected.


  1. Phonological Disorder

It is a speech disorder characterized by difficulty in producing certain sounds. It is particularly consonant. It is most often seen in children under the age of five and is a major cause of difficulties in producing speech.

Individuals with phonological disorders cannot produce certain sounds. This leads to reduced intelligibility. It reduces the ability in understanding others, and inefficient development of communication skills.

Many of these children have difficulty forming consonant-vowel or consonant-consonant-vowel syllable patterns. Treatment options include articulate speech therapy and targeted intervention. It includes programs that focus on improving sound production.

Also, speech intelligibility, and developing appropriate social communication help them speak properly.

  1. Apraxia of Speech

It is a motor speech disorder which means the brain’s ability to plan. The sequence of the muscles used for speaking gets impaired.

People with Apraxia of speech are often able to understand language, read, and write. But, they find it challenging to do simple tasks like repeating words and sentences.

They also have difficulty communicating their thoughts in conversation. Symptoms of AOS can range from struggling to produce exact sounds and syllables. This is due to mixing up and omitting words. This makes it very difficult for them to get understood.

Treatment of AOS varies depending on the severity. This includes speech and language therapy, physical therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

  1. Fluency Disorder

A fluency disorder is also referred to as stuttering. This disorder occurs when an individual experiences difficulty producing speech. Words that are fluid, rhythmical, and effortless.

Stuttering gets classified as a fluency disorder. This is because it disrupts the flow of speech. It leads to secondary behaviors like interjections and repetition of words. It also includes movements of the body and facial tension.

Fluency disorder does not improve over time. There are speech and language interventions like fluency shaping techniques. This also includes smoothing strategies.

It also delays auditory feedback. To help with the treatment, you can use anti stuttering devices to be able to regain control and fluency in their speech.

  1. Language Development Disorder

LDD is a condition that can range from mild to severe. It can affect a person’s ability to understand language. It affects making sense of words, articulating, and expressing themselves.

Individuals with LDD may get confused when attempting to process language. They may struggle with identifying simple words and have difficulty following conversations. It includes being unable to produce words understandably.

Children with LDD often find it difficult to learn new concepts and express their ideas. Adults may experience social or occupational impairment.

Those with LDD may have difficulty engaging in meaningful conversations. Also, expressing themselves with confidence.

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Learn the Common Speaking Disorders in Children and Adults Starting Today

Speaking disorders can bring about significant communication. This includes social difficulties for individuals both young and old. Thus, speaking disorders in children and adults should not get taken lightly.

If you know someone experiencing difficulty with speech, seeking qualified medical guidance can help improve their quality of life. Don’t wait – get your friend or family member the help they need.

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