4 Weird But Very Useful Car Gadgets You Should Buy

Most car owners use their car every day, often for more round trips than one. Cars are an essential part of our daily routine, but like all things, they get monotonous after a while. The excitement that you felt when you first bought the car fades away, replaced by, well, nothing. Your car gadgets is just there – a trusty companion that gets you from one place to another. But that is about it.

If you are a car owner, we are 100% sure you have already been through the unavoidable phase of being bored with it. You might even have bought a bunch of accessories to spice it up. USB phone chargers, dash cams, phone holders, HUD displays – all add a lot of utility to your car. You may already know a lot of them and have experience with a good few. We are definitely not here to look at them. Instead, we will show a couple of weird car gadgets.  

For the more demanding car owner (who has been there and done it all) we searched the recesses of the internet for some truly unique and, at times, weird car gadgets. They may or may not leave you amazed. But they will surely leave you wondering what led the developers to create these devices.

Handpresso car gadgets

Handpresso – Car Espresso Machine

Who doesn’t drink coffee? Even people who don’t particularly love it, drink it. Most of us are so addicted to it that we can’t imagine starting our day without it. The first of our weird car gadgets is for people who love their espressos a bit too much.

There may be times when you are craving a shot of espresso. You just can’t wait to get home or to the nearest coffee shop to get that dose of caffeine. Or you could be out on the highway driving cross-country with no dinner in sight. Whatever the reason is for your caffeine craving, Handpresso presents itself as the savior. 

You simply place it in the cup holder, add water to the container, add coffee, and seal the lid shut. Once you connect it to your car’s cigarette lighter socket and switch it on, it will build up pressure inside the container. Turn the espresso maker upside down and release the lock, letting the espresso pour into a cup or any other drinking container.

To avoid spills and to leave your car smelling of coffee, it is better to use it when you are not driving. Remember to release the coffee first before you twist the lid open, or else you risk the pressurized coffee bursting all over your car’s roof and windows.

Wheeled Desk car gadgets

Wheeled Desk

This weird gadget is as useful for workaholics as it is for people who like a snack on their way to or from work. Whether you need to escape the chaos of the workplace over lunch, or you need to get some work done away from the kids, the wheeled desk was made for you.

It is a well-crafted compact laptop desk that can be fitted around your car’s steering wheel. It fits well around most steering wheels and is surprisingly stable. Use it to place your laptop on as you work on a presentation, take care of some paperwork, or enjoy a sandwich or pot noodles – the wheeled desk is your oyster!

Electric Kettle car gadgets

Electric Kettle

It will not be fair to our tea drinkers if we mention an espresso machine and not a kettle to make a soothing cup of tea. For those long journeys or after-work drives back home when you are stuck in rush-hour traffic, the portable electric kettle will calm your nerves and prevent the traffic jam from driving you insane.

Place the electric kettle in your car’s cup holder, pour some water, and connect it to the cigarette lighter socket. Once connected, the electric kettle works like any ordinary electric kettle would. Switch it on, and it will give you a hot cup of bubbling water in a couple of minutes. 

If you are not an avid tea drinker, there are so many other things you can do with the electric kettle. For instance, regarding the pot noodles we mentioned you could enjoy on your wheel desk, there is no way you can make it without bubbling hot water.

Like the espresso machine, rules of common sense apply here. Use it when the car is stationary, especially after the water has finished boiling, or else you risk burning yourself with boiling water.

Rooftop Tent car gadgets

Rooftop Tent

This is an especially weird one but also one that we find to be truly remarkable for campers and road-trip enthusiasts. If like us, you love to answer the call of the wild but can’t give up on some worldly pleasures either, the rooftop tent is for you.

This tent comes in a roof box that you can mount to the top of your car. The tent folds out from the box, creating a sleeping space on top of your car, complete with a ladder and a social area next to it so that you can enjoy the night with your friends. 

Once the roof box is attached to your car, the tent itself is incredibly easy to set up. It is even faster and easier than setting up a regular tent, so you can ditch the regular tent on your next camping trip and get one of these instead. It is more expensive than a regular tent too, so you will have to see if your budget allows it.


We have barely scratched the surface with these four weird car gadgets. The market is swarming with many other weird car gadgets that will baffle you with their existence. Though some of these gadgets are actually quite useful. In contrast, some others will leave your car looking tacky, and you wondering – “why I spent all that money in the first place”.