5 Biggest Tech Corporations Going for Green, Clean and Sustainable Energy

“Tech Going Green”

“The future of technology is green.”

Nowadays, green energy is all people are talking about. Going green is the biggest trend in 2020. With the increasing concerns of climate change, people have become aware and averse.

Before purchasing or buying anything, people check the green label. Because of this, most of the tech-savvy companies are moving towards clean energy. 

Earlier, companies used to participate in green energy as a part of corporate social responsibility. But now, most of the companies are going green due to the advantages.

Green Technology has several advantages for big corporations.

  • Reducing Environmental Problems
  • Helps against Climate Change
  • Low Energy Cost
  • Smooth Operation
  • No Pollution
  • Getting More Leads
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Growing Awareness
  • Positive Image

Because of all these reasons, some of the big corporations are going green and using clean energy. It is not only beneficial for them but for the people and the whole ecosystem as well.

5 Biggest Tech Corporations Using Green Energy:

These are the Biggest Tech Corporations in the market who have started using green energy.

Google: 106%


Google is one of the Biggest Tech Corporations in the world. It ranks number one in using green energy. Google is using clean energy since 2007. They don’t contribute too much carbon emission. 

They consume 7,492,567,647 kWh green power annually. Instead of using traditional power, they use sustainable energy. They use energy in data centers. 

They have 106% green power. Google mostly rely on Solar and Windpower. They have invested $2.5 billion on clean energy projects. 

Microsoft: 100%


It is the greenest tech corporation in the globe. They use more than 5,982,112,000 kWh green energy every year. Moreover, they strive towards acquiring new green technology for operations. They use, 

  • Wind power
  • Solar power
  • Small-hydro power

They use green energy for manufacturing operations. However, they also use it in data centers and other facilities. They have 100% green power.

Intel: 101%


Intel is a very known name in the tech world. They use green energy to manufacture processors. They use 4,256,664,960 kWh of clean energy every year. Instead of using exhaustible resources, they go with sustainable energy resources. Moreover, they use,

  • Wind Energy
  • Solar Energy
  • Hydro Power
  • Biomass

The majority of power comes from solar panels. They have 18 solar panels. It generates 7,000 kW power. They have 101% green power.

Equinix: 104%

Equinix Biggest Tech Corporations

This is another tech player that uses green technology and energy. They provide data services. They use 2,360,296,352 kWh green energy every year. Moreover, they have 104% green power. 

Apart from using clean technology like Solar and Wind power, they focus on environmental sustainability. Equinix works hard to reduce its carbon emission.


Apple Biggest Tech Corporations

Another biggest player using green technology and resources is Apple. They consume 2,094,103,551 kWh clean energy every year. All-electric operations are done using renewable energy. 

It uses various sources of energy like solar, wind, biomass, etc. They have a goal of reducing their carbon footprint. They have multiple solar farms. Apple has a 101% green power.

These are the five Biggest Tech Corporations that use green energy. Apart from these five companies, other corporations like Samsung, Cisco, and Switch use green technology as energy.