5 Things to Include on a Business Website Homepage

Are you wondering how to write a homepage for your website? A poorly thought-out homepage can result in traffic not sticking around. But a well-thought-out homepage can help to showcase your business’s brand.

A great homepage connects your unique identity with your services in a way that lives out your mission statement. This can help lead visitors down a clear path of your business and what it can do for them.

We’re here to tell you what to include on a business website homepage so visitors understand what your online business does and where you can help them. Read on to learn more.

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  1. Highlight Your Unique Business Proposition

A business website homepage should always highlight a company’s unique business proposition. This can draw in potential customers. It is critical to state what type of business you provide and what differentiates it from your competitors.

If possible, include client testimonials, awards, and recognition. Additionally, showcasing current discounts, promotions, and products helps to entice website visitors. Also, include a FAQ page to highlight the most critical points about your business.

  1. Leverage Visuals to Capture Awareness

When creating a business website homepage, leverage visuals to capture attention. Visuals can help draw attention to a website, stimulate interest in the product or service, and reinforce the branding message.

Visuals should be relevant to the latest web design trends. It should be eye-catching and inviting. Furthermore, visuals should be well-placed on the homepage to maximize the attention they receive.

  1. Build Effective Call to Action Buttons

A business website should have a call-to-action button on its homepage to help boost conversions and drive success. It is critical to include these buttons to draw visitors in and encourage them to take action.

It allows them to learn more about the product or services. Clear and distinct call-to-action buttons such as “Shop Now” or “Learn More” images representing the product or service, a search bar for visitors to use if they know what they are looking for, and a customer service line of contact.

  1. Integrate Your Social Media Channels

A business website homepage that integrates your social media channels is vital for any business. Social media channels are a great way to build relationships with customers, engage with them and drive more visitors to your website.

Integrate channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube into your business website homepage. This can help create a more engaging and interactive experience for your customers.

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  1. Enhance Page Loading Speed and Performance

When building a business website, including features that enhance page loading speed and performance is vital. Include minified CSS and JavaScript, image optimization, compressing and reducing HTML, and a content delivery network on your website to enhance page loading speed and performance.

Minified HTML, CSS, and JavaScript make loading easier for web browsers. Image size plays a large part in total webpage loading time, so opt for compressed images in the proper file format.

You can also convert PNG to SVG to achieve faster loading speed. The content delivery network ensures customers receive pages faster, reducing bounce rates.

Consider Improving Your Website Homepage Today

A website homepage should be inviting, with elements like a company logo, relevant images, captivating text, and clear CTA buttons to drive visitors in the direction desired. This will help create a professional and successful experience for anyone visiting the page.

Ensure to include all the essentials. Visitors should have an enjoyable and productive visit. It will inspire them to take action.

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