5 Tools to Help You Boost Your Online Sales

Starting an online business can be frightening, but everything falls into place once you take the first step. The rewards usually outweigh the risks you face during your business journey.

However, once you’ve gotten clients to visit your website, you’ll need more and more tools to keep up with current sales and attract new customers for future growth.

The tools you’re about to see will make integrating numerous programs easier, allowing you to be more productive with your time. With them, you can increase your online sales significantly.

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Email Parser

Your email inbox contains a vast amount of information. Invoices, orders, inquiries, and attachments are all examples of documents. Furthermore, this is a never-ending flood of emails and data. All of this unrelated information is gathered in one location, requiring distinct processing.

You must figure out how to optimize, organize, and process the data mine in your email inbox. Luckily, an email parser can help save the day in this situation.

An email parser is a software tool that scans inbound emails for data and extracts it. A more sophisticated system will also function with email attachments.

Export Emails to Sheets

This tool employs conditional processing to extract the information that is relevant to you. You only get the information you require. In a nutshell, this tool makes an effort for you regarding data source and extraction.

An email parser such as a Gmail parser operates by utilizing the data and criteria that you provide. You tell it what terms or keywords to look for, and then it searches for and parses data fields from email bodies, sender details, and email footers, among other locations.

LinkedIn Tool

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The great majority of LinkedIn profiles belong to people in business, and they come from a variety of industries. This presents a chance to locate and engage targeted clients for practically any company.

That is where a LinkedIn automation tool steps into play. This tool will allow you to invite targeted contacts with a personal note automatically. Also, it will enable you to auto-respond to newly added connections and drip campaigns for chain messaging with reply detection.

Last but not least, everyone can succeed with LH2 because the tool works perfectly with both LinkedIn basic and premium accounts. Its inbuilt CRM system will allow you to manage and see everything easily.

Analytics Tool

Next, you need a tool to help you monitor everything and measure your business performance and results. And Google Analytics can do exactly that.

This tool provides businesses with a wealth of information on their websites, audiences, and digital marketing. It is a powerful, adaptable, user-friendly tool that helps intelligent marketers identify the messages and channels that produce the best results.

Google Analytics works with practically every eCommerce platform and allows users to see who is visiting their site. It gives you the ability to see how much time users spend on your site, where they leave, and why. This tool can also tell you if your website is actually attracting the intended audience.

Email Marketing Software

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Email marketing is still relevant, and every serious business is investing a significant amount of funds into it. That is why you also need to follow that practice. To help you with your email marketing efforts, you should definitely consider using an email marketing tool.

For example, small businesses may use Mailchimp’s all-in-one marketing platform for marketing smarter and growing quicker. They serve as the foundation for your customer connections, providing AI-powered, user-friendly tools that anyone can use.

Such software puts your customers first, allowing you to send marketing emails and automated messages, develop focused ad campaigns, construct landing sites, send postcards, track and analyze data, and sell online.

Tools like Mailchimp have been helping large and small businesses engage with their consumers and leads via email for years. They acquired a special strength in online selling, and their features are now widely used in the eCommerce industry.

You can build beautiful email templates and run automated email campaigns with them. It’s a terrific approach to persuade leads and customers to try your activity or return over time by offering promotions.

Online Drive

Your business needs an online cloud storage option if you want to advance and keep up with modern business trends. That’s why you should consider using Google Drive.

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Google Drive is one of the most adaptable cloud storage alternatives when it comes to productivity. It integrates with various online programs, but it’s most known for its smooth interaction with G Suite apps (formerly rebranded as Google Workspace), such as Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

Drive’s collaborative capabilities make it rank at the top of everyone’s list of the best cloud storage services for teamwork. Google Drive has a great free plan that includes 15GB of storage space for all of its customers.

Final Thoughts

These tools will definitely improve a lot of business processes at the office. Your employees and customers will feel the positive effects if you decide to take advantage of the tools you have just read about. So, see what tools from this list you can use and try to make the most out of them.