Amazon Alexa Gets Smarter: Guessing What You Want to Ask and Care Hub Feature

Amazon Alexa is getting smarter each day. 

Alexa is going to use deep learning to guess which questions you are going to ask next. Once you ask the first questions, Alexa will be able to guess what your next question will be.

This new feature is known as inferring customer’s latent goals. Alexa is going to use special Algorithms for this feature.

It will also get a new feature. It is known as Care Hub. With this feature, you will be able to use Alexa to care for your elderly loved ones. It will work as a remote caregiver.

Inferring Latent Goals:

Alexa will use a trigger model which is based on deep learning to guess the questions you are going to ask. It will use the text of your current session with Alexa. It also depends on the multi-skill suggestion. 

This discover model will keep on improving as time goes. The active-learning function of Alexa will improve the prediction. 

Alexa will also use the semantic-role labelling model. It will help to look for names from the current conversation. Along with these models, it will use bandit learning. 

It will use machine learning technology to determine if the suggestions made by Alexa were helpful or not. This way, Alexa will learn from the mistakes. This function is available for Alexa devices in the US. 

Example: If you have an Alexa with this function, and you ask her to tell you the time required to prepare noodles. She will answer your question by replying, “15 minutes is a good place to start”. 

Along with the answer Alexa will further ask a follow-up question to you like, “Would you like me to give you a recipe to prepare noodles?” or “Would you like me to set a timer for 15 minutes?”

Amazon Alexa

Care Hub:

This is another advance function of Alexa. Now, you can use Care Hub on Alexa to look after elderly people. If you have some relatives or loved ones who need constant assistance, you can use Alexa to help them and look after them.

The person who needs the care should have an Alexa device. The person who wants to care for these people should have Alexa App. The care receiver needs to send you an invite from their Alexa App. In order to care from these people, you need to accept the invite from your Alexa App. 

Now, the Care Hub in Alexa will activate. It will give you all the alerts and activity feed directly on your Alexa App. You can also use “tap to call” to talk to the people who are receiving the care.

The care receiver can say “Alexa call for help” to receive help. This way, Alexa will call, text and send notifications to you. Care Hub is very private. It will keep all the information private. 

It will keep all the other activities private from the care receiver. Now, most of the old people who are living alone can use this service.

Amazon keeps on improving Alexa and adding new features to it to provide complete assistance to the people who need it.