Amazon’s Fire Tablet Just Got Smarter with New Smart Home Controls Feature

When it comes to smart home devices, nothing compares to Amazon. There are many companies that provide smart home devices, but Amazon offers a wide range of devices.

This online retailer is known for Alexa-compatible smart home devices. Alexa is one of the most popular smart speakers. Most of the people rely on Alexa for home automation.

You can control the smart homes devices with the help of Alexa voice control or via your smartphones.

However, now you will be able to control these smart home devices with your Fire Tablet as well.

Amazon is adding new features in Fire Tablet. Now, you will get a new menu for controlling the smart devices in your home.

By using this new menu, you will be able to control all the Alexa-compatibles devices. It means whichever device is connected with Alexa will function via Fire Tablet as well.

Earlier, you could only control these devices via voice command in your Tablet. While voice control is easy, sometimes touch functions are easier.

The Device Dashboard:

The new menu, Amazon, is going to introduce “The Device Dashboard”. You can go to this menu to control the devices. 

Amazon made an announcement that they are going to add this menu from 27th October onwards. So if you have an Amazon Fire Tablet, you can check out this menu.

To use this menu, you have to touch on the “Smart Home Button”. It is given on the left side of the navigation bar.

While most people prefer voice control, this new feature is going to prove more useful. Sometimes it is easier to use controls.

The best thing is that you can mount this Tablet on the wall and use it as a control panel for controlling all the smart devices in your home.

Amazon Fire Tablet

These tablets are cheaper and easier to use. If you are no longer using this Tablet, now is the perfect time to put it to good use. 

You can easily monitor anything and everything with this device. It will work as your own custom smart home controller.

You can manage all the devices in the Alexa app via this Tablet. There will be shortcuts to access all the devices. On top, there will be simple controls for Lights, Plugs and Switches. You can simple on and off these things with a single touch.

Then there will be all the Pinned and Recent Devices option. In this section, you will find all the connected devices and recent devices you have used.

You can check the brightness of the lights, check the status of the plugs and even access the smart camera footage. You can view the live footage in a minimized screen. 

The best thing about using this Tablet for smart home control is that you don’t have to close your current apps. You can control the devices simultaneously doing something else on the Tablet.

Fire Tablets with This Function:

Not all Fire Tablets will have this function. Only a few fire tablets will get this update. Moreover, this function is meant for recent tablets. Here is a list of all the fire tablets with this update.

  • (2018) Amazon Fire HD 8 
  • (2019) Amazon Fire 7 
  • (2019) Amazon Fire HD 10 
  • (2020) Amazon Fire HD 8 

If you have any of these Fire Tablets, you can update it to enjoy this smart control feature. However, you can use the Tablet as a controller to fully automate your home.