Apple Has Stopped Delivering Bundled Chargers

Apple has always been supportive of eco-friendly movements. One can even say that it is amongst the top tech companies to adopt a more sustainable practice in manufacturing, transportation, and packaging.

Well, with the latest move, Apple is sure going to receive plenty of criticism, but it is the best course of action. Earlier, this month, the company announced the launch of new Apple Smartwatches. 

However, if you are waiting to receive a charger in the box, you are going to be highly disappointed. Apple will not deliver a charger with the new watch series. 

This move is made in light of the recent climate control issues. As we know, the cell phone and electronic industry are responsible for various environmental problems. 

The materials used in manufacturing the gadgets are non-biodegradable, toxic, and harmful to the environment. When we discard them, it stays in the land for a long time, thereby creating soil and water pollution.

The minerals which are used in manufacturing electronic items have to dig from under the ground, which puts too much strain on the resources. 

While this move seems small, collectively, it can save a lot of resources and help to reach sustainability.

Advantages of Ditching Bundled Chargers:

There are many advantages of giving up bundled chargers. Most of the chargers we get just end up in the drawers for years as we use only one charger for most of the electronic gadgets. Nowadays, most of the electronic gadgets work with C-Type chargers. 

Less Electronic Waste:

Many people simply throw away chargers in the bin when they stop working. Most of the time we get multiple chargers that end up in the dustbin without even using it. But when you use only one charger for everything, it will reduce electronic waste.

Improves Lifespan of the Device:

Many times we face charging battery issues in our device because we use multiple chargers. If you use a different charger every time you charge your phone or device, it will affect the battery. It is advisable to use only one charger.

Saves Packaging Cost:

A charger takes up a lot of space in a package. But if the manufacturer ditches the charger, less space will be needed. They can save on packaging costs as fewer packaging materials are used.

Saves Transportation Cost:

By eliminating chargers, the manufacturer can also save transportation costs. Chargers add space as well as weight which increases transportation cost.

Apple Charger

Low Cost:

As the manufacturer saves money on transportation and packaging and distribution, the overall cost of manufacturing decreases. When the cost decreases, you will get the product at a cheaper rate.

Easy and Convenient:

You can charge all the devices with a single charger. It will make the process easy. You don’t have to look for multiple outlets or find a specific charger to charge the device.

Saves Energy:

When we use multiple chargers, we often forget to switch off the power button. Even if we switch it off, it remains in standby mode, thereby consuming electricity. If you have only one charger, there will be less energy usage.

Fewer Carbon Footprints:

As the company doesn’t have to manufacture chargers in a large quantity, there will be less strain on resources. It will help to reduce carbon footprints.

These are the benefits of ditching bundled chargers. Looking at this move, it is possible that the new iPhone 12 will come without any charger.