Artificial Intelligence: Green Technology’s Biggest Ally

A few years back, artificial intelligence was only seen in movies. But now, everybody can access it. AI is the biggest invention of the 20th century. 

Every company is focusing on AI because it makes difficult tasks easy. The things which we cannot do without much toil is easy when we use AI for it.

The best thing about AI Is that we can use it in any field, sector, and industry. It has great potential. 

The AI technology which we are using is narrow AI. It is just a branch in AI. But with general AI we can achieve unimaginable things.

Looking at the potential in AI, many companies are using it to enhance green technology. Researchers are constantly striving to merge AI with green tech to achieve sustainability.

Green Tech Application Based on Artificial Intelligence:

There are many types of green technology applications in which AI is used. It not only makes the work easier but improves the efficiency of the application.


It is an energy forecasting app. It is a data mining and web-based app. Nnergix company runs this app. It helps in forecasting the weather. As we know, renewable energy sources depend on weather conditions. 

For example, if the weather is rainy, you won’t be able to generate enough solar power. The power supply directly depends on weather conditions. So, this app helps to forecast the weather by using AI and machine learning. 

First, it used satellite images to forecast weather. Then it uses the images to create models. After that, ML algorithms use the data and give weather predictions. It helps to get accurate weather forecasts which in turn helps in generating more clean energy.


This is another AI-based green tech app. It helps to know the challenges we can face because of weather conditions to harness green energy. This app uses AI to know if the power will fluctuate due to weather. 

It helps to generate accurate weather reports. It uses AI to gather data from the satellite. After that, it uses ML to predict how much energy will be generated in such weather conditions. It helps us to take precautions while generating renewable energy.

Green Tech Applications

Google DeepMind:

It is an AI-based app, owned and used by Google. Moreover, it was developed in 2014. It helps to improve the usage of energy. It works in two ways. Firstly, it helps to reduce energy usage. Secondly, it helps to reduce emissions. 

As we know, Google uses data servers that consume a lot of energy. This app uses AI to cold down the server. By doing this, it saves 40% of energy. It uses ML technology to do this. The system learns the pattern of energy usage and uses the same knowledge to optimize power.


It is an AI-based application which helps you to optimize the energy in your house. It is a home assistant that helps in conserving power. By using this app, you will know how much energy each appliance in your home consumes. 

You can use this data to limit energy usage. You will get an alert message when you accidentally leave an appliance on for a long time. For example, it will notify you if you forget to switch off the lights.

These are the few green-tech applications that use AI and ML to conserve energy. AI can be a game-changer for green tech. It can help us achieve sustainability.