Top 5 Benefits of Digital Signs for Business

Are you concerned that only 50% of small businesses are still around after 5 years? With grim stats like that in mind, it’s time to start strategizing new ways to build business revenue. Fortunately, spicing up your signage is an easy way to put your business on the track toward success.

Stay with us to learn about the top 5 benefits of digital signs for business!

1. Score More Spontaneous Purchases

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If you’re broadcasting a one-day flash sale or another discount on a digital sign, customers will notice. And it may just jolt them from their original plans in your store. Consider placing a digital sign near your front entrance so that it commands attention.

Schedule a rotation of content that encourages buyers to snatch up limited deals. Use motion graphics to draw attention to the digital signage, too. Your sign can include animations, videos, or other types of on-screen movement.

With the right signs, you might just see an uptick in impulse purchases. People who may not have intended to make a purchase will feel like they have to in order to score the best deal. In other words, time-sensitive deals can translate into impulse purchases!

Better yet, position a few digital signs near your hottest merchandise. And if you’re able to add voiceovers, consider highlighting a new item or sharing a customer testimonial video. Since your target audience is already at the store, you’ll be able to guide them to a purchase they may not have planned to make!

2. The Best Signs Generate More Interest

Spend time choreographing the mix of images and text that you will share on your digital signage. While you don’t want the graphics to look garish, you do want them to be eye-catching.

For instance, if you want to call attention to a week-long 30% off discount, make the text for a week-long 30% off discount consume the entire screen. Use contrasting colors so that the text pops out from the background. That way you’ll capture a customer’s attention more easily, even on a smaller digital sign.

Spotlight new additions to your store that customers might not know about. This could include a coffee bar toward the back of a record shop or new dressing rooms in a clothing boutique. Use bold color schemes that will command someone’s attention from afar.

You can embed QR code, too, so customers can scan them and learn more about certain aspects of your business. For instance, you can link the codes to new products or updates.

As another possibility, if you want to expand online sales, use digital signs to direct people to your website’s shop. Customers may appreciate the chance to bypass waiting in line. Use a QR code for this, as well, so visitors won’t need to type in a URL.

Assign your savviest designer to the task of piecing together your digital sign displays. And don’t cycle through screen displays too quickly or else people might miss the content. You want to give customers enough time to take it all in!

3. Boost Social Media Engagement

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Digital signs also offer an opportunity to build your social media presence. If you’re trying to develop brand visibility, it’s smart to create a presence on at least a few platforms — and post content consistently. But you also need to spread the word to find new followers.

A local gym could share its Instagram or Facebook address to share the latest updates, for instance. The gym could tease the chance to sign up for summer leagues, but indicate that a viewer needs to go to Facebook to get the process started. When someone wants to sign up for summer adult softball, they’ll go to the gym’s Facebook page.

And in the process, they’ll find other activities or promotions in the posts that might generate interest. Ideally, that gym will gain a new Facebook follower, as well.

4. Update Customers and Employees

Digital signs are an easy way to provide live updates to your customers and workers. Flash sales and other timed promotions are prime candidates to be featured on signs.

Find out how you and your employees can update your sign’s display using a streaming device. This makes it easier to program and change content depending on daily needs.

You can assign a manager or employee to look at sales from the previous week to determine what products to feature that week. For instance, if a line of shoes saw a steep decline in sales, use your digital sign to promote it. You may be able to clear out your inventory more quickly!

5. Digital Signs Can Generate New Revenue

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Undoubtedly, your business plan sets out quarterly or yearly revenue goals — and you want to meet those expectations. Did you know that digital signage can be another revenue stream? It can!

You can allow other businesses to pay for advertisements on your digital signs. This is a great way to help other businesses in your community generate visibility. And it’s a good way to recoup the initial investment in your digital signage.

Doing this is beneficial because it cuts down on paper costs, too. When you and other businesses can keep your advertisements digital, you won’t need to budget as much for paper mailers or posters.

Get Digital Signs for Business

When you invest in digital signs for business, you open the doors for new sources of revenue. You can direct people to your website and social media presence to build your brand. And you can create new revenue by allowing other businesses to advertise using your digital signage.

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