Top 10 Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses in 2021 (Reviewed)

Today half of the working professionals are spending most of their time sitting in front of computers that cause strain in the eyes. Whereas few are engaged in viewing their favorite movies, play video games, watch TV shows, reading newspapers, and few go with the unattractive yellow lenses, which are out of fashion.

Did you hear about the latest trending blue light glasses that are high on demand as computer and reading glasses which meet their visual needs? Don’t worry, you can find plenty of cool styles available in the category of blue light glasses listed below that are ideal to meet all your computer, laptop, tablet, or Smartphone viewing needs and protect your eyes from getting affected with long term damage.

Here is the list of best blue light blocking glasses that are available in 10 styles chosen from Amazon ready to buy at a reasonable price. All these glasses have passed blue light blocking tests and are more convincing than other glasses, which help you look stylish with a clear lens.

One must buy blue light blocking glasses as they are cost-effective, imposing, and value for money to bring change in your life!

Top 10 Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses in 2021




Cyxus Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Cleared American HEV blue light blocking test, Unisex glasses,
Excellent digital experience with 0 pigmentation

TIJN Squared Nerd

Offers 100% eye protection from harmful UV rays, Relieves stress and damage to eyes, Lightweight

VanLinker Leopard Print

Anti-blue light glasses protect eyes from fatigue to improve sleep, Lightweight

ANRRI Classic Black Unisex Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Offers 90% protection to eyes from blue light, Helpful to reduce eye strain and headache

FEIYOLD Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Cateye designed come with acetate frame. Protects eyes when exposed to harmful UV rays, Stylish

LifeArt Tortoise Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Tortoise patterned these glasses come with transparent lens, Provides 100% eye protection from UV400 blue light

LifeArt Nola

Skin-friendly are comfortable to wear for long hours, Made of high-quality German Bayer material

Prospek Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Anti-eye fatigue computer glasses, CE certified improves sleep, Relives stress in eyes

Anrri Tortoise

Ideal to use for computer and gaming, Offers better digital experience, Anti-glare and anti-eyestrain

Donna Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Clear lens blue, Most stylishly light blocking glasses, Composite frame are nonpolarized

1. Cyxus Blue Light Blocking Glasses - Best Filtering Computer Glasses

Ideal unisex glasses to buy that suit all types of people and can be paired with any outfit either going to a workstation or traveling to some other destination.

It is helpful to minimize the risk of eye strain, headache when sitting in front of a screen for long hours. With anti eye fatigue, it helps you gain better digital screen experience and highly effective in improving your sleep.


  • Anti eye fatigue blue light blocking glasses
  • Cleared the test of Adsorb substrate absorption technology
  • Unisex glasses suits all types of people
  • Minimize headache and eye strain


  • Can't alter the glasses color due to lens color
  • Available cheap can break easily

2. TIJN Squared Nerd Blue Light Blocking Glasses - Retro Square Glasses

It offers complete protection to eyes and faces by blocking UV400 rays that cause eye fatigue and stress on eyes when exposed to digital screens, tablets, and cell phones. If wearing these blue light glasses are sure to turn heads down, that is highly effective to offer you high transmittance without any color distortion.


  • Blocks 100% harmful UV rays
  • Cleared blue light blocking test offers better sleep
  • Retro square designed offers futuristic clear finish
  • Lightweight is Anti eye fatigue


  • Comes with plastic glasses which can easily break
  • Doubt to fit with available size

3. VanLinker Leopard Print Blue Light Blocking Glasses - Clear Lens Eye Glasses

They are best supported with a clear lens to offer higher transmittance than regular eyeglasses, which show a yellow color.

Buy these VanLinker anti-blue light unisex leopard printed glasses are made of premium quality material, free from any color, lightweight, and durable fit true to any face shape and come with adjustable nose guards.


  • Anti-Blue light clear lens eyeglasses for computer and reading
  • Protects eyes from fatigue and improves sleep
  • Unisex trendy leopard printed eyeglasses to wear day long
  • Lightweight is durable and highly compatible with wearing while on computer and reading


  • Glasses with the plastic firm are likely to scratch easily
  • These unisex glasses are lightweight

4. ANRRI Classic Black Unisex - Anti Eyestrain Glasses

These eyeglasses are breakthrough in lens technology that is engineered to block the harmful blue-violet rays emitted from Computer screens, mobile phones, and tablets.

They have successfully passed the test of blue light filter technology, which makes them 100% safe and reliable to wear day long.

These anti eye strain glasses are lightweight and proven to prevent your eyes from getting fatigued, relieve dryness, headache, and blurred vision.

Enjoy wearing these Anrri blue light blocking glasses that offer you restful deeper sleep even after you used a digital screen to watch your favorite movies, play video games, and worked on the computer. 


  • Protects your eyes from harmful blue-violet ultralight
  • Very effective anti-blue eyeglasses in lens technology
  • Get rid of eye strain, headache, blurred vision and enjoy deeper sleep
  • Lightweight is easy to wear day long


  • Lightweight requires maintenance
  • Looks old fashioned

5. FEIYOLD Blue Light Blocking Glasses - Superior quality glasses

It also relieves headaches and helps you enjoy sound sleep even after you worked on the computer or used digital screens to watch your favorite shows or play video games. Premium quality made these glasses come with a compact lens, lightweight, comfortable, and long-lasting.


  • High-quality cat-eye designed anti-blue light computer glasses
  • Simple designed are ideal for wearing for professional work
  • Improves better sleep prevents eye fatigue, dryness, and blurred vision
  • Very much comfortable and durable


  • These glasses possess the slight yellow tint
  • Can't offer 100% blue light protection

6. LifeArt Tortoise Blue Light Blocking Glasses - Clear Vision Unisex Glasses

These eyeglasses are from the LifeArt brand, which is designed to block the harmful blue light emitted by laptops, computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

Designed lightweight its transparent lens offers clear vision which keeps your eye from getting fatigued when exposed to TV, Computer, mobile phones, and tablets.

Enjoy wearing these tortoise blue light glasses of LifeArt that guards your eyes against getting infected by blurred vision, headache and offers you better sleep reducing eye strain.

Be the next to buy these eyeglasses that are made of high-quality material and completely cost-effective to let you gain better digital experience with no magnification.


  • Unisex blue light blocking eyeglasses for men and women
  • High-quality made are lightweight and durable
  • Protects eyes from getting fatigued and damage from UV rays
  • Designed lightweight offers clear vision


  • Comes with no magnifying glasses
  • Though cost-effective sometimes fail to protect sometimes

7. LifeArt Nola Blue Light Blocking Glasses - Great computer and gaming glasses

These glasses from LifeArt are designed to offer 100% UV400 protection that causes eye damage when exposed to a digital screen, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets that emit harmful blue light.

Highly recommended LifeArt blue light blocking computer glasses to wear by men and women that come with special lenses coated with BASF, which makes them anti-eyestrain, anti-smudge and anti-reflective to work on the computer for long hours and focus on gaming.

The frame of these glasses is made of Germany Bayer material, which makes it lightweight and easy to carry day long.

Having passed a blue light blocking test relieves visual discomfort, headache, and migraine as it blocks harmful blue light, which causes long term damage to the eye when exposed to the digital screen to improve your sleep.

These glasses are ready to buy with different size magnification; choose the one that suits your eyes as they are skin-friendly, flexible, and durable to offer you soft experience.


  • Offers complete protection to eyes from harmful blue light UV rays
  • Ideal Computer and Gaming glasses to wear day long
  • Designed with German Bayer material is lightweight to reduce wearing pressure
  • Unisex glasses are skin-friendly, flexible and durable


  • Need to check for durability
  • Glasses come with magnification

8. Prospek Blue Light Blocking Glasses - Professional Computer Glasses

These glasses from Prospek come with advance technology that has passed the blue light blocking test to offer the user a better experience.

Its frame is available in combination with Red and Black colors are CE certified. They are sure to add style to your overall appearance and fit true to regular size. 

These glasses effectively block 50% of blue light and reduce yellow tint to protect user eyes from harmful ultraviolet blue rays, which result in fatigue, dryness, and blurred vision when exposed to the computer, tablet, and cell phones for long hours.

Bit expensive professional computer glasses as they protect eyes from long term damage. It also helps them to get rid of eyestrain, headaches, and migraines as designed with no magnification, which improves sleep.


  • Professional computer glasses to work on the computer
  • With no magnification soothes eyes from getting strain and improves sleep
  • Protects from UV rays that cause long term damage such as blurred vision, loss of rainbow color
  • CE certification clear lens helps get rid of headaches, migraines, and eyestrain


  • Blocks only 50% of harmful blue light
  • Available in regular size may not suit all types of faces

9. Anrri Tortoise Blue Light Blocking Glasses - Anti-Eyestrain Reading Glasses

These glasses from Anrri are available in Tortoise color offer 90% UV400 protection that adds style and elegance to the user when carrying to the workstation.

These glasses are designed to meet the expectations of professionals who spend long hours working on a computer that emits harmful UV blue light, which causes long term damage to eyes.

Having supported with the transparent lens, they allow the user to enjoy their digital time without any limitations.

Anrri glasses come with anti-glare properties that prevent eye fatigue, blurred vision, headache, and migraines caused by blue light.

It thus allows the user to gain restful deeper sleep. Must buy blue light blocking glasses as they are user-friendly, very comfortable, and durable to wear day long.


  • Very effective computer and reading glasses
  • Designed with the anti-glare transparent lens is user-friendly and comfortable
  • Offers 90% UV protection to eyes that relieves dryness, migraines, headaches and blurred vision
  • Unisex glasses passed blue light blocking test offers restful deeper sleep


  • The transparent lens might get scratched
  • May not suit all types of faces

10. Donna Blue Light Blocking Glasses - Most Stylish Clear Lens Glasses

FDA approved they are ideal computer and reading glasses, which relieve stress in eyes, headache, eye fatigue, and migraines.  Classic cat eye glasses for women to help them look stylish and enjoy a restful sleep.


  • Ideal glasses to help women look fashionable
  • Lightweight is comfortable and durable to suit any face
  • Made of the high-quality material frame is anti-corrosive and anti-resistant
  • Glasses are FDA approved to protect eyes from getting strained, dry and blurred vision


  • Not recommended as prescription glasses
  • Comes with one-year limited warranty

Buying Guide: List of Features to Look for in Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses

With increased and gadgets, many people are facing visionary problems as they need to spend a lot of hours sitting in front of digital screens, mobile phones, and tablets.

Here is our effort to help you find the right glasses that protect your eyes from getting strained with blue light, which leads to long term eye damage. Sold by Amazon are sure to meet standards as all these glasses are designed with blue light blockage to offer their customers complete satisfaction.

Choose your glasses from any one of these brands that suit your face and allows you to enjoy restful sleep even if you wore the whole day. All these glasses are very effective and ideal to use as a computer and reading glasses that are best supported with a lightweight frame and clear lenses.

But before you choose one for yourself, please check for the following factors. They are:

Blue Light Technology

It is the most important factor to consider while purchasing your next eyewear as they should have cleared the blue light blocking test that helps your eyes from getting fatigued, which can cause long term damage to your eye.


Made of high-quality material, the frame of glasses is lightweight, durable, and very much comfortable to wear with adjustable nose pads.

Clear Lens

The glasses with a clear lens helps get rid of visual discomfort, headaches, migraines, and blurred vision.

Final Words

Make sure your chosen eyeglasses have cleared the blue light technologies test that blocks the harmful UV400 rays that optimize your eyesight that is ideal for wearing day and night. They are designed to fit true to any face that is entirely free from blue light to improve sleep at night.

They are easy to maintain and safeguards one's eyes from getting strained, blurred vision, headache, and migraine. One great advantage of blue light glasses is they wake up users and stimulates their eyes during any hour of the day.

Because if your glasses are not blue light tested, they are harder to get to sleep. Must buy glasses with blue light advance technology to gain peace of mind and restful sleep!