4 Best Cloudflare Alternatives for a Faster and Secure Website

A content delivery network (CDN) is a network of geographically dispersed servers that optimizes web content delivery by storing the site’s data on servers worldwide. When the user tries to access a specific website, CDN takes care it delivers it from the nearest server.

Besides high delivery rates, the main task of a CDN is to make internet connection secure, private, fast, and reliable.

One of the most popular CDNs is Cloudflare which possesses about 200 data centers in more than 90 countries, offering you a free plan with no bandwidth limitation, improving the website and app performance, speed and security.

It is easy to set up, has excellent monitoring tools, complete control with RestAPI, and more.

This article will list its best alternatives and dive into their features.

1. Akamai

Akamai landing page

One of the most popular and widely-used Cloudflare alternatives is Akamai. It is a complete internet security platform that protects from various internet threats to its users. One of its main features is the tools for a Content delivery network that abounds with a bunch of high-end functionalities.

A robust CDN with a speed network, and outstanding support, it offers more than 300.000 servers across 135 countries from all around the globe.

Furthermore, some of the main features this one offers are routing incoming requests to Akamai’s servers, the Fast Purge feature for refreshing cached content across Akamai’s network, removing old URLs, tags, keywords, and more, and video and image manager.

DDoS protection is a cherry on the top of the features list, where Akamai’s tools actively monitor everything on your network, protecting you from hackers, bots, and other threats.

Akamai’s two decades of existence, millions of dollars of income, and the fact it is trusted by some gigantic organizations such as DAZN, Lufthansa, Fox, BNP Paribas, and others, speaks volumes.

2. StackPath

Stackpath landing page

StackPath is an easy-to-use CDN software that offers high-speed performance, better security, complete visibility, and affordability – it is designed for home users because its price plans are affordable.

Regardless of how cheap it is, this is a robust CDN with over 50 data centers worldwide offering redundant Tier-1 carrier connections that support around 65 Tbps of throughput traffic.

Also, this one provides TLS security with free private SSL certificates, tools for customizing headers, redirecting requests, caching, and content protection with a persuasive firewall, and DNS monitoring tools that protect you from hackers and bots using a captcha authorization feature.

It also comes with great real-time analytics and reporting tools accessible from a RESTful API providing you with the stats of bandwidth usage, cache hit ratio, HTTP status codes, and more, Serverless Scripting for creating unique workflows, and full customization options.

3. CDN77

CDN77 landing page

CDN77 is yet another easy-to-set CDN tool for securing and optimizing your website protection. It comes with great pricing options, offering you a free SSL certificate and 50GB free storage on their servers intended to store your data and save you storage on your servers!

Besides, it is easy to use, just like its predecessor.

It supports integration with leading CMS platforms, such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and plugins.

CDN77 provides you with access to over 3000 local ISPs and 14 Tier-1 gateway providers, enhanced VOD and live video deliverability for maximum video format supply, built-in security with the features that stands out: secure connections with the latest HTTP/2 protocol optimization, DDoS and content protection.

It also offers some excellent performance analytics tools and customizable cache rules.

4. Fastly

Fastly landing page

A modern CDN with excellent features enables anyone to migrate their business and data to the cloud and provide applications quickly! Fastly features give you a detailed insight into traffic, performance, problems, and threats with instant troubleshooting tools, better user engagement, streamlined workflows, and more.

It enables you to change content quickly, customize and adapt settings with its API, and create backups in a few clicks.

Fastly takes care of your DDoS protection with a powerful firewall, and TLS, for the highest security without affecting the website’s performance. User experience gets to another level with the cache hit ratios, meaning users can cache more to speed up the response times and downloads and decrease web load time.

DSA features will help with conversion rates and boost your SEO rankings and ad revenue.

Fastly also provides extensive configurability, including control over HTTP headers, API customization, content delivery, TTL checks, real-time management with four purge options, and more.


Best Cloudflare alternatives are listed with their features succinctly described – yours is to explore a bit more and choose the perfect option for your website.

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