The Best eCommerce SEO Tips That Bring Organic Traffic on Your Website

There’s no running away from the fact that the eCommerce industry has skyrocketed in the last 5 years. Especially when COVID 19 debuted globally, nobody had expected that the eCommerce world would see a significant boom.

No wonder the increase in the massive demand for products and services online has compelled business owners to retain their customers at a reasonable rate.

ECommerce marketers have decided to provide their services at low-cost channels in the highly competitive business world. It is fair enough to mention SEO here because it has been around for decades.

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This blog will shed light on the best eCommerce SEO tips that will generate organic traffic on your website.

Use good eCommerce specific plugins

Whenever you set up an online store, it’s worth having a look at all the tools that are available for you to use so that things run as smoothly as possible both for you and your customers. Keeping up with your orders can be a challenge but if you use a plugin like WooCommerce Order Export that can become a lot easier as you can set it up to receive regular emails with all the information you need about the new orders that came in as well as export all your orders whenever you need.

Another great plugin that your customers will appreciate the benefits of is WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping which allows you to create special shipping rules for logged in users, advanced shipping rules based on weight, item count and much more. It really is a very powerful tool to have.

Create a Keyword Plan

Google has a very tough job and caters to around 80,000 users every second, if you don’t know. Therefore, if it provides bad results, it will damage its reputation. Whenever a user searches for something on the web, Google has to pick up the best search results and build them with the user’s intent.


In the SEO world, search engine queries are known as keywords. If you get in touch with any professional SEO agency such as Shopify SEO, they will provide a detailed keyword plan that can help bring your website to the top of the search engine results.

Now that every business owner aims for their website to appear at the top of the search results, SEO practitioners have embraced the importance of infusing the right keyword. So when the right strategy is in place, it will help expand the horizons of a business.

Fix Usability Issues

No wonder the eCommerce giants like Zappos and Amazon have made it much easier to buy products online. This has eventually compelled the customers to demand a better user experience when they look for something online.

Amazon app

Unfortunately, most eCommerce websites provide a terrible user experience with confusing elements. A recent study shows that around 56% of the customers will make an online purchase during their first visit to a website.

However, what about the organic traffic? Let’s talk about a win-win situation here. You need to create a stellar aesthetic appeal for your website, so uses can be thrilled while going through different pages. It will be much easier to know everything using session recording and qualitative analytical tools.

Write Catchy Meta Descriptions

A meta description is an HTML tag used to describe the page content if you don’t know. After all, when you sift through the search engine, every website will have a short narrative written underneath the URL.

In other words, a Meta description serves as a mini ad of a website, hence, promoting the page’s value and compelling the user to click on it. The better the click-through rate, the easier it will be for the website’s overall health.

Marketers are using the CTR metric because it mentions the ad’s relevance. With CTR, you get to generate more traffic on the website, even if your website doesn’t appear on the top of the search engine.

Optimize for Intent

girl typing on the laptop

Now that you have decided to optimize each website’s pages, you will have to pay close attention to the keyword intent. After all, Google is strict in drawing relevancy for the users. But, let’s hold on for a second and find, what’s the intent? Simply put, search intent is why a user is looking for something online.

In simple words, the better the website provides Google’s users, the better the reward. Therefore, now is the best time to embrace the power of intent and see how it helps a website grow. Use a top-notch SEO tool and check if the keywords are already ranking or not.

Always Use HTTPS

Usability is one of the many factors that have a vital role in improving visitors’ website experience. Secondly, security is yet another significant benefit that you cannot overlook. After all, it is crucial at times to get traffic and conversion rates. If you don’t know, HTTPS is short for hypertext transfer protocol secure and is a secured version of HTTP.

This is the primary protocol for exchanging data between the browser and the central server. Secondly, when a website has its URL starting from HTTPS, it will provide a safer environment for communication, financial transactions, and data submissions. On the contrary, if a website starts with HTTP only, it will appear as a shady platform for the user.

Create Unique Content for the Users

content writing

As they say, content is king; this is true when posting it on the web. Creating unique content is essential because it will provide value to the reader. For instance, if you offer informational articles to the users, they won’t go anywhere else.

On the contrary, if your website is vague and doesn’t provide value to the customers, it will be hard for you to retain them in the long run.

So whenever a user searches for something on the web, they will be entitled to the search engine results. Secondly, providing unique content will eventually make your website stand out to the clients and outperform the competitors.

Ensure That You Have a Branded Building Strategy

So far, the e-commerce tips have always been central to the on-site part of SEO, which means that they revolve around on-site optimization, keywords, and content. Most people will consider Shopify SEO Hong Kong and start optimizing their website. For an eCommerce store, it is vital to have a strong branded strategy so that the website can stand out.

The marketing strategy should build a name that can make the website appear different in the search engine. If an eCommerce store doesn’t develop a unique brand-building plan, it will eventually get wiped out in the future.