The Best Methods For Creating a Successful App Marketing Strategy

It was only a decade ago that most mobile phone users started turning to smartphones, and currently, the smartphone user count surpasses any other kind of mobile device. What sets smartphones apart is their unique capability to store applications for a variety of different purposes. The mobile app market is one of the rare markets with a steady rise in revenue, and it has no odds of going down in the future.

Whether you have already established your presence in the marketplace or are considering a brand new idea for an app, marketing is going to play an indispensable part in your journey to success. We prepared a list of the best marketing methods and strategies for promoting your new mobile app and conquering the competition in your category.

Creating an App and Strategizing Marketing


You can move on with an app builder or choose custom app development services, the average prices for which can be found here. When it comes to the first step, finding a reputable app builder can be of significant help in the starting stages when you want to turn your product from an idea into a competitive app.

If you can, reverse engineer the marketing aspect by thinking about the selling points and unique features that can help your app stand out from the competition.

App Store Optimization

Also known as ASO, app store optimization is search engine optimization in practice, specifically geared towards one marketplace alone. To increase organic app downloads, app owners have to consider the different algorithms of marketplaces like the iOS App Store, Google Play, Samsung Galaxy Store, Amazon App Store, and similar.

Content, Blogging, and Landing Page

Regardless of whether your app is cross-platform or not, you do not have to limit your marketing efforts to one platform alone. A universal best practice is developing relevant and engaging content, whether on social media or your blog and having a captivating landing page that converts from the first impression.

Social Media Brand Presence and Marketing

Social media app icons

Among all marketing mediums, social media is the one that can help you the most with establishing your brand voice and presence so that your apps are recognizable. Social media is the main communication channel for most big brands nowadays, and yours could be one of them, too.

Organic Marketing and Outreach

Besides search engine optimization and ASO, you have to constantly look for new ways to boost your organic marketing and reach new audiences. Guest posts are a great idea to invest in your organic marketing without burning a hole in your budget.

Influencer Marketing

Many companies are replacing their traditional brand ambassador roles with locally famous social media influencers and bloggers. Thought leadership works even on a small scale, so reach out to influencers whose audience you like and strike up a deal that works for all parties involved.

Acquisition and Retention Campaigns

Acquiring new and keeping existing app users are types of marketing campaigns that require special dedication. Your user base may fluctuate in waves, so you must adjust the strategies in both acquisition campaigns and campaigns intended to keep current users active.

Online Reputation Management

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Managing your online reputation includes taking charge of reviews and ratings wherever possible while also taking steps to prevent low scores. You can verify ownership on multiple platforms that allow you to get in touch with customers and take their considerations into account.

Keep Step With Trends to Boost Engagement

One should never undermine the impact of social media trends and the effect they have on audiences worldwide. The boost in potential is due to their inclusivity potential and virality. Boosting engagement via offering trial versions, contests, giveaways, or even engaging in viral loops can help your app become popular with a bigger audience. For example, TikTok users often search for TikTok tools to grow their engagement faster.

Measure Performance

Nowadays, the number of platforms offering analytics and extensive insights options is growing by the minute. You can easily measure your app performance and use the results to target your intended audiences better. Your performance levels can be different depending on the platform, and you can compare insights to come up with solutions.

Affiliate Programs

Providing your users with the option to participate in your affiliate program can help you boost engagement and acquire more high-tier leads. Your affiliate program works best in your favor by offering your users the most benefits you can, providing a base for attracting more new users and a significant following.


No matter the experience you and your team have in developing mobile apps, each application has different prerequisites concerning bringing it to its intended audience. If you follow the best methods for mobile app marketing, success is sure to follow. Start implementing strategies for boosting the popularity of your application today, and you will start seeing results in no time.