7 of the Best Phone Cases for Safety and Self-Expression

Is there any worse feeling than dropping your phone face down? Your mind is racing, calculating how much it will cost you to replace the screen or, even worse, your whole phone.

However, you won’t have to worry about whether or not your screen has shattered if you have one of the best phone cases on your phone. Accidents happen, so investing in a case can save you hundreds of dollars down the line.

If you’re on the hunt for the best smartphone cases to keep your device safe while looking stylish, keep reading to help you narrow your search down.

1. Battery Case

Battery phone case

Are you constantly scanning the room for an outlet to plug in your phone? Instead of worrying about whether or not your phone will last through the next few hours, you can invest in a phone case with a built-in battery.

These cases contain an external battery that plugs into your phone when you put the case on. Plus, many of these cases have a power switch allowing you to control when your phone is charging.

Because these cases are bulky, they can help protect your phone from falls. You also won’t have to worry about being stranded somewhere unsafe with a dead phone!

Many battery cases provide hours of additional battery, ensuring that your phone is never dead.

2. Waterproof

Whether you’re an avid traveler who’s always on the hunt for adventure or work at an aquarium, keeping your phone safe from water is crucial. Luckily, you can invest in a waterproof phone case to protect your device from slips.

Waterproof phone cases are also ideal for those who want to upgrade their photography game. Investing in waterproof cameras can run you thousands of dollars, but your phone has an incredible camera.

If you’re not sure how to keep your phone safe, investing in a waterproof case can help keep you worry-free any time you need to bring your phone around the elements.

3. Biodegradable

Biodegradable phone case

Are you worried about the state of the environment? Luckily, you can protect your phone and the earth simultaneously! There are biodegradable phone cases that help keep your phone safe from falls and drops.

Though these cases sound like they aren’t protective since they aren’t made from a traditionally durable material, you’ll be shocked by how well they keep your phone safe.

You also don’t have to worry about the case falling apart or degrading in your hand. These cases are designed to last until they’re properly composted.

However, if you’re not fully invested in biodegradable ideas, you can purchase a case made of recycled material. This helps save the earth while providing your peace of mind.

4. Heavy-Duty

Heavy-duty phone case

If you’re accident-prone, you may need a case capable of handling anything you throw at it. Luckily, there’s no shortage of heavy-duty phone cases to keep your device safe.

While some other cases might not be able to fully protect your cell, you can find protection for every brand, including Boost Mobile devices.

There’s also the stigma that cases for those who constantly drop their phone aren’t stylish, you’d be surprised! With many cases providing complete protection and shock absorption, there are still plenty of fun and unique designs to help you show off your style.

5. Wallet Case

Wallet phone cases

Though you may hate to admit it, if you’re scatterbrained, this can cause unnecessary stress. Feeling as if you lost your wallet is one of the most anxiety-inducing events, as everything essential is there.

However, if you want to keep everything stored safely in one location, investing in a wallet phone case is ideal. These cases hold your phone, cash, and any cards you have. Plus, it keeps your phone safe from drops, scratches, and damage, as it’s held securely in place.

This is one of the top phone cases of 2022, as minimalism is trending. Instead of grabbing a purse to lug around, all you’ll need is your phone wallet. This means you’ll never have to worry about forgetting your essential cards!

Like other cases, there are plenty of styles to choose from. As this is a two-for-one, many come in various patterns, colors, and materials.

6. Antimicrobial

Now, more than ever, it’s crucial to keep your phone free from germs and bacteria. Considering how phones are dirtier than doorknobs and toilet seats, you’ll want to wipe your device down often.

However, disinfectant wipes can be expensive, and you may forget to wipe your device down when you get home.

Luckily, you can invest in an antimicrobial phone case to help reduce the number of bacteria on your phone. The antimicrobial coating makes it difficult for bacteria to multiply on surfaces.

7. Holster Case

Holster phone case

Leaving your phone in your pocket can make it challenging to sit and walk comfortably! Also, as women’s pockets are notoriously small, you may find that your phone slips out of your pants, leading to damage.

Luckily, you can invest in a holster case to help your phone stay safe and sit comfortably on you at all times.

These cases clip onto your pants. Holster cases also allow your phone to be easily accessible, as you can slip it in and out. However, there is a snap button to hold it in place while you go about your day.

Much like other cases, these come in various styles and materials to fit your style.

Which of the Best Phone Cases Will You Choose?

Your phone is a massive investment. Not only are they expensive, but for most, your whole life is on your phone. Keeping it safe is crucial!

No matter what your concern is, you can choose the best phone cases to protect your device while also showing off your personal style. Whether you have a floral case or get one customized, the options are endless.

If you found this guide on how to choose a phone case informative, check out the rest of our website for more great tech tips and tricks.