Top 10 Best Stylus for iPad in 2021 (Reviewed)

Having an iPad is not just having the best product, it is about having relevant accessories too. Apple released its Apple stylus and everyone is crazy about having a stylus. Buying the product from Apple doesn’t seem economical to everyone. Hence, here are the top 10 best stylus for ipad that give the same experience as Apple stylus. Every product cannot be compared with Apple products.

Therefore, the table shows a basic comparison between the price and features of the product. No Stylus has pressure sensitivity. It is available only for the iPad for the best version. Pressure sensitivity is the pen reacting to the pressure applied by the pen. 

If you can get the same experience as everyone at a minimum budget, why miss the chance? You can get additional features like warranty and minimum usage duration and many more features the same as Apple stylus. They are used by everyone from professional users who work on their iPads to students who write on their iPads on a daily basis.

These are specifically designed for your iPad and provide the best features with quality. Some of the main features are Pointy pen point, Palm rejection feature, response rate, connectivity, and charging. Every kind of stylus is provided in the Top 10 list considering different user needs.

Top 10 Best Stylus for iPad in 2021 



Pen Point


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1.4 mm pen point


Milemont Stylus Pen

1.5 mm pen point


AWAVO Stylus

1.6 mm pen point


Penoval High precision Stylus

1.5 mm pen point


XIRON Stylus pen

1.5 mm pen point


QUIFIVE stylus pen

1.5mm pen point


ADRAWPEN Active stylus

1.5mm pen point


XSOUL Stylus pen

1.2mm pen point


MEKO Stylus pen

1.0mm pen point


MIXO capacitive stylus pen

2.0 mm pen point


1. KSW KINGDO Stylus

iPad stylus is the ultimate iPad accessory for the best iPad user experience. Touching the screen with every use is messy and inconvenient. KSW KINGDO is one of the best Stylus you can get for your iPad. It is compatible with any Apple product. 

KSW KINGDO stylus is charged with micro-USB cable with a regular charger or PC. The LED light appears while using.

The white stylus is a very fancy looking stylus with Ultra-slim design. The pen point is 1.4mm. Drawing a straight line is much easier, you can imagine the other fun things that are easy with this stylus. 

The charge lasts for 10 hours. The stylus consumes less when not in use, hence it can last for a day for a normal user.

The only thing which would stop you from buying this is its price. But, comparing with Apple stylus which is 3 times more the cost, you get it for a much cheaper price. For regular users working on technical information, important work throughout the say KSW KINGDO stylus can prove to be an effective stylus that improves your work life.

The warranty with the product comes for 12 months. The difference can be seen while working. The ultra-point which just doesn’t look like a pen, but also works as a pen. Every penny on this perfect stylus is completely worth it. 


  • Ultra-slim design-- light weight
  • 10 working hours per charge
  • Stylus case for protection
  • 1.4 pen point
  • Highly Responsive


  • No palm rejection
  • Can break easily, if you aren’t careful

2. Milemont Stylus Pen

Going through an iPad for longer durations with the hand can be tough, any normal stylus would be bulky and even harder to use for longer durations.

With Milemont stylus, there are no such menial problems. All you would need to worry about is about your work. A fast-compatible stylus, makes you work in an easier and smarter environment. 

Milemont stylus pen is the best stylus for the iPad. The product comes with full charge, allowing you to use immediately after opening the package. Stylus by Milemont doesn’t need any Bluetooth connection and it can be charged with a USB cable. 

The ultra-thin stylus looks like a good writing pen, and easy to use with smaller icons on the iPad. There is no other stylus that is as thin and compatible with fast users.

However, it is a pricey product. Buying an iPad stylus for $30 is not something everyone would like to spend on. IPad has been used by many millennials for business to perform large data analytics, data sharing, immediate approvals, contacting, immediate information and many more.

Milemont stylus pen is exceptionally suitable for users who have important office work which needs time-to-time usage of iPad. For normal usages, it can be pricey depending on usage and budget level.


  • Ultra-slim light weight design
  • Easy-long lasting charge
  • Speedy response
  • 0.5mm pen point- Can be used for smaller icons
  • Available in White and black colors


  • No pressure sense activity
  • Needs proper handling

3. AWAVO Stylus

The main reason to buy a stylus would be to protect your screen, from fingerprints and possible scratches. AWAVO Stylus has a specially created pen point.

It is made of plastic. It is medium-sized of about 1.6mm. It can still be used for smaller icons with ease. 

If you are one of those who don’t prefer screen guards, this is your kind of stylus. It is equally compatible as the other best stylus available.

It can be carried in pockets with the pen clip attached to the stylus. What better way other than a pen clip to have a pen-like look?

The charging is another additional point. It automatically switches OFF when not in use. Due to this, it can work for 12 hours with one charge. The charging micro-USB port on the pen is covered with a cap, not allowing any dust accumulation.

The design is completely user-friendly. However, with rough usage of the stylus, the pointer can become slower and less effective. The plastic on the pen pointer comes out with continues rough usage.

Not everyone can be careful with every usage. Spending on a stylus a rough user might expect a resistive nature. With minimum conscious usage, it can be used for longer durations without any issues.


  • Comparatively cheaper
  • Pen clip
  • Plastic pen point-1.6mm
  • 12-hour battery charge
  • Works on both Apple and Android products
  • 1-year replacement warranty


  • Plastic pen point tearing with rough usage
  • No pressure sense activity

4. Penoval High Precision Stylus

Doodlers, comic artists and every other artist who likes drawing must have a Penoval high precision Stylus. Penoval did a great job with their product.

By connecting the stylus with your iPad, you can doodle for hours just like you would on a paper.

Except, it is even better than a paper. There are no messy marks and crumbled papers. Penoval Stylus has the best palm rejection feature. 

It can be used for any doodling or drawing applications. For iPhone users, the IOS version must be greater than or equal to 12.

Charging devices on time is something we all forget. Fortunately, Penoval considered our charging problems and designed this Stylus with a 1-hour charging to full capacity.

For urgent requirements, charge it for only 4 minutes to use it for a minimum of one hour. This is a real issue faced by every user. Therefore, Penoval won many hearts with their speedy charging. 

Automatic power-off without any usage for 20 minutes is to save power. Overall- it is the best product if you are looking for a palm rejection feature. Considering the perfect features, the cost is reasonable and cheaper when compared with any other palm rejection stylus. The high precision is as perfect as it could be.


  • Palm rejection feature
  • High-precision
  • 12 hours usage per charge
  • Available in two colors- white, Black


  • Shorter in size
  • No pressure sensitivity

5. XIRON Stylus pen

XIRON stylus pen is designed with users in their minds while designing. They provide a glove as it doesn’t have any palm rejection feature.

It doesn’t look much but shows how much customer satisfaction is considered. Considering its price, it is a very acceptable stylus pen for a budget user. 

XIRON also offers lifetime technical support. The product itself can be delicate, where it can be damaged by rough handling.

Having technical support encourages anyone to buy the product. 

The specialty of this product is, XIRON accepts their product limitation and provides relevant services. Either way, it is time taking process and not every one of us like troubles.

If you are someone who works on your iPad for a limited time and searching for a good stylus below $30, XIRON is the best option. In terms of working, charging and storage it is very convenient. It is as good as an Apple stylus without palm recognition and palm rejection. 

You can experience an Apple stylus usage with XIRON’s high precision stylus. The ability to work without electricity is all it takes, for buying it. The pen point is in excellent condition and does stay for a decent amount of time. There are no basic problems faced by any user, hence it is considered as one of the best.


  • Cheap
  • Gloves as an additional product
  • Works without electricity too
  • Lifelong technical support


  • Not suggestible for long and continuous usage
  • No pressure sensitivity and no palm resistance

6. QUIFIVE Stylus Pen

The QUIFIVE stylus pen is the best affordable stylus pen. It has the palm rejection feature. Availing high precision stylus with palm rejection at such an affordable rate is very positive. 

The automatic turn off is with 30 minutes of stillness. It charges within an hour with a USB cable. Getting a Stylus below $20 with 12 hours usage time is the best product you can get.

The stylish design is based on a pencil shape. It feels like a real pencil and has a smooth texture. While using, the responsive feature is fast and goes along with your speed. 

You need not worry about the duration of the performance. It works as effectively as the first time after 10 months.

This is highly suggested for students who take notes, write stuff regularly. Buying an iPad is costly, which makes buying a nice stylus hard. QUIFIVE stylus solves all your problems. Though it isn’t effective for drawing, it can be used for basic drawing apps. QUIFIVE provides gloves in spite of palm rejection feature, because of the possibility of having handprints on your iPad. 

Overall, it is best at providing limited services to its customers at a cheaper price through this stylus. Hence, for budget-friendly users this is one of a kind.


  • Palm rejection feature
  • Very cheap
  • High precision
  • Compatible with 12.1.4 or higher versions in IOS
  • The product comes with gloves


  • No press sensitivity
  • Doesn’t support straight lines
  • Not for doodling or drawing

7. ADRAWPEN Active stylus

ADRAWPEN Active stylus has the longest duration of continuous usage. It can be used continuously for 48 hours. It doesn’t have any features like plan rejection, pressure sensitivity.

It is a simple stylus pen that can be used for drawing and doodling effectively. It can also be used for writing notes with gloves. 

The power automatic power off is set for 5 min. They offer a fancy stylus holder along with the stylus.

The holder is a stretchable band that can be fixed to an iPad. ADRAWPEN active stylus is specifically designed for iPad users only. It cannot be used for other products. 

The pen point can be replaced with another pen cap provided by the seller. The pen cap lasts long and there are no major problems while using the stylus.

The customer service from ADRAWPEN is good and they offer 1-year repair protection. The need for customer service doesn’t come, as the product is efficient and works fine in all environments. It is delicate as any other stylus in the market.

The price seems to be pricey, considering the fewer features available for this. But the minimum features, the efficiency is good and very convenient. It can be used by kids or the younger generation for daily use.


  • High precision
  • 48 hours usage per charge
  • Highly responsive
  • Can draw, doodle, etc


  • No pressure sensitivity
  • No palm rejection
  • Pricey

8. XSOUL Stylus pen

XSOUL stylus pen has a thinnest pen point- 1.2mm. The thin nib allows navigation throughout the iPad easily.

Drawing with the XSOUL stylus pen is better than most of the cheaper version styluses. It has palm-rejection technology and works for 20 continuous hours with every full charge. 

It can be used for drawing effectively. Writing notes is also much easy and convenient. The best part about the XSOUL Stylus pen is the pointy pen nib, which is very small and sharp.

As there is no pressure sensitivity, using it results in thin pointy drawings or writing. It looks neat and clear for others to view.

XSOUL provides a 2-year warranty. The responsive feature is as sharp as its nib. It is so realistic and perfect. The only defective point is the price. For the same price having pressure, the sensitivity feature makes much more sense.

The credit for their detailed design on the stylus and the precision is remarkable and worth every penny. For budget buyers, it cannot be convincing without the most important feature and it doesn’t come with extra things like gloves, etc. Considering only the features, it is one of the best.


  • High precision
  • Highly responsive
  • Palm rejection
  • Can use for drawing and doodling


  • No pressure sensitivity
  • Pricey

9. MEKO Stylus pen

MEKO Stylus pen is similar to the above-mentioned product. However, the pen point is 1.0mm. It is very sharp and effective. The additional point also includes delicate nature.

MEKO provides 2 extra pointers along with a stylus. With rough and hectic use, these pointers are not much use. In terms of longer usage, it is very delicate. 

In terms of features and effectiveness, it is as effective as any Apple stylus. It can be used for drawing beautiful landscapes without any hurdles.

For a smooth user, who uses a stylus with a delicate touch, this is the best product. 

The price is medium, making it an affordable range considering the 1.0 pointer. It comes with the palm rejection feature. It works for 20 hours continuously per charge. It is very effective in every term.

If it has additional features, the delicate pointer could be a menial feature. Considering a cheap stylus only for drawing purposes, this can be the best stylus. 

Some people fancy smaller nibs, they are comfy and easy to use. For such people who prioritize the size, it can be helpful. Doodlers who want a thinner nib, as well as faster use MEKO Stylus, is an ideal buy.


  • 20 Hour usage per charge
  • Palm rejection feature
  • 1.0mm pen pointer
  • 1-Year Warranty


  • Pricey considering minimal features
  • Delicate for a moderate user

10. MIXO Capacitive Stylus Pen

MIXO Capacitive stylus pen is the best cheapest stylus pen available. 2. Extra 4 pen nibs are provided along with the 4-disc tips. It is for menial users who want to try out the stylus temporarily. It works fine and does do basic tasks. 

There are no additional features like pressure sensitivity, plan rejection or any other. The only thing is its cost and the classic design of pens.

This is suitable for school children who are eager to try out new things. Also, the elderly or anyone who is into the latest gadget. It works excellently for at least 1 year with proper care taken.

 The main reason for this is the cost, there is no stylus available which is much cheaper and as effective as MIXO capacitive stylus pen. 

It is also considered as an ideal gift item for anyone with an iPad. Having two people, and trying to gift an equal gift, this is an ideal gift item. Gifting two styluses in the budget of one is one of the best things. The pointer is of larger size, 6mm. In a way, it can be called a toy Stylus. It works excellently for playing games and activities like viewing videos, surfing, etc.


  • Cheap
  • Easy to use
  • Can play games and surf
  • Extra pointers are provided


  • No additional feature
  • No warranty for the product