The Best Welders for Beginners – Top 15 For Do-It-Yourself Enthusiasts

If you are a beginner level welder or looking forward to buying the first welder, probably you would require the welder that is not only cost-effective and easy to use, but it must also offer good results and doesn’t come with all those high-end and confusing features that may make the process perplexing. Based on these and some of more criteria, a list of best welders for beginners has been created below for your assistance. But before skipping to the review part of best welder brands, you first need to know the factors that go into choosing the good beginner welder.

There are different types of welders available out there, and choosing the right model for your specific project can be overwhelming as you are a beginner level welder. So, check out for the helpful buyer’s guide mentioned below and seek help from it while making the selection of best welders for beginners.

Top 15 The Best Welders for Beginners in 2020





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1 ARC Welder Dual Voltage Mini - Reboot ARC135 Portable Stick Welder

60% Duty Cycle, 


2 Goplus MIG 130 Welder

3 charging options, Multi-function LED flashlight, 19 pre-set channels


3 DEKOPRO 110 220V MMA Welder

Duty Cycle(%): 40/60, 


4 Super Deal PRO Commercial MIG 130 AC Flux Core Wire Automatic Feed Welder

Duty Cycle:
10% at 105AMP
35% at 60AMP


5 Mophorn Tig Welder 160 Amp Tig Stick Welder

60% Duty Cycle


6 VIVOHOME Portable Flux Core Wire No Gas MIG 130 Welder

Duty Cycle: 60%@50A


7 HITBOX MIG Welder 200Amp Inverter MIG ARC Lift TIG Gas Gasless

Duty Cycle: 30%@200A


8 Amico ARC-160D, 160 Amp Stick ARC IGBT Inverter DC Welder

Duty Cycle:
60% at 115V/130A &
60% at 230V/160A


9 Amico Amico Power Dc160A 160 Amp Stick Arc Dc Welder

60% Duty Cycle at 160 Amps


10 ZENY MIG130 Gas-Less Flux Core Wire Automatic Feed Welder

10% at 105AMP 35% at 60 AMP


11 ZENY Arc Welding Machine DC Inverter Handheld Welder

60% Duty Cycle


12 Forney Easy Weld 298 Arc Welder

Duty Cycle 30% @ 80A


13 220V ARC Welding Machine, 200Amp Power

 Duty Cycle: 40% and 60%


14 Welder, 200Amp Power, IGBT AC-DC 110V Beginner Welder

Duty Cycle: 80%


15 ARC Welding Machine, 200Amp Power

Duty Cycle is 60%


Our Review of Best Welders for Beginners

Reboot ARC135 is the portable stick Arc Welder that comes with digital display and ability for the high-frequency duty cycle. This is the best entry-level ARC welder for beginners that has a built-in hot start, steeples amperage control, and force adjustable settings.

This is the exceptional Arc stability welder that comes with anti-sticking ability, and it is all generator friendly that offers advanced IGBT inverter operation. 

This is the dual voltage welder, and users can easily switch between AC power and DC power with the click on a button, and the inverter welder operates at the voltage of 220-240V. 

The inverter comes integrated with a step-down transformer that delivers proper voltage as well as current for powerful operation.

It has a higher output amperage of 20 Amp with a 60% duty cycle for the 3.2mm of rod weld. This Arc welder is suitable for all types of iron metal like carbon steel, medium carbon steel, and alloy steel, and more. The reputed manufacturer designs this Arc welder, and it comes with 1 year of manufacturing warranty with 24/7 after-sales service. The welder is very light in weight and compact in design and has many energy-saving features.


  • Portable and compact design
  • Energy-saving features
  • Suitable for all ferrous metals


  • Not for thicker metals

Goplus MIG 130 Welder is the multi-functional welder that is designed with stainless steel robust body and suitable for steel welding applications.

The welder comes with 4 adjustable heating settings that you can choose as per the metal you want to weld. 

At the side panel, you will find two air vents that ensure to keep the temperature inside the machine cool and properly circulated.

You can easily torch the welder hose with a full one and off safety control, and the auto thermal safety protection ensures to keep the heating to the minimal for longer duty cycles. 

The package includes the welding wire and masks as safety gear for the users.

The welder also sports the wire feeding speed adjust rotary knob along with 10 levels of wire feeding speeds that you can choose as per the welding project you are handling. The overheat protection circuit ensures that the machine is cool and never overheat to increase its duty cycle. The machine panel also comprises of a hidden storage unit at the top panel where you can store small accessories required for welding.


  • Uses traditional Flux Core Wire
  • Multifunctional control panel
  • Overheat protection circuit


  • Can’t weld aluminum

DEKOPRO 110/220V MMA Welder is the Arc welder that comes with IGBT digital display and LCD hot start with electrode holder on it.

This is the Arc welder that is designed to offer a professional finish to every weld, regardless of the metal where welding is done. With this welder, you can experience the benefits of MMA welding as well as Arc welding both with a single machine. 

The welding voltage can be adjusted easily, and the current of the welder can be customized using the knob present on its panel.

This powerful IGBT Inverter Welder is capable of welding a variety of materials, and it comes with a unique power control mode that enhances the reliability of all welds.

This welding machine is portable and ergonomically designed, which is easy to handle and carry, and you will find no difficulty in storing the unit after every use.

The closed-loop feedback control is present, and the output voltage is also stable, and the welder has stronger adaptability for the current network. 

Plus, it also has many energy-saving benefits that reduce the damage of iron and copper while welding, while increasing the welding frequency and energy saving.


  • Multifunctional Arc welder
  • Both Arc and MMA welding process
  • Closed-loop feedback control mode


  • No, overheat circuit available

This is the well approved hard worker for all welding projects.

This is the powerful flux core wire, automatic feed welder, for a beginner that is designed out of industrial-grade PVC material and delicate treatment, and it integrates easy operational, comfortable grip, and higher precision. 

The welder uses waves from form control technology with an auto adjustable inductor, and this ensures that the inductance can be adjusted as per the requirements of the welding project.

This also ensures a soft and smoother electric arc, reduced spatter, enhanced fusion depth, and good welding performance every time.

This ergonomically designed and portable, which makes it easier to carry anywhere for welding jobs.

The welder comes with an automatic control panel with digital soft keys that are intuitive and offer a clear view all the time. You will find a wide variety of wire feed speed and temperature controls that enable you to weld steel of different thickness levels.

It is designed with metal tip at the end of the welding gun, and its copper tip never slags to build up while welding on metals.

There is also a thermal overload protective circuit with a cooling fan at the side panel to protect the machine from overloading damages.


  • Metal tip at the welding gun
  • Automatic control panel
  • Thermal overload protection


  • Not meant for all types of metals check the specification

This is the powerful 2 in 1 combo welder for beginners that uses the TIG and stick welding technology to offer you all-round welding experience.

This welder is suitable for all repairing works and professional welds. 

The machine is portable and lightweight with robust steel body design. 

The welder is designed to support the voltage input of 110V and 220V and has an auto adjustable output current for a longer duty cycle of 60%.

The machine comes with a max 5mm molten pool, easy to start the arc, and less splash technology to offer efficient welding experience.

You can easily switch between TIG welder and Arc Stick Welder with the help of the knob.

The welder is compatible with max 3.2mm acid and alkaline electrode and can be used for metal up to 3/8” and suitable for titanium, steel, copper brass, and more. The machine has dual voltage input and voltage compensation function that deals efficiently with the fluctuation of power.

The machine also has over-voltage and over-heat protection with the cooling fan installed at the back of the machine. The welder has multiple applications, and it is portable in size that lets you carry it at the welding site easily.


  • Ultimate protection and dissipation
  • Wide applications of the welder
  • 2 in 1 welding process


  • Not for professional-grade welding

VIVOHOME is the portal welder that is designed with industrial-grade materials, including stainless steel body, and it is painted with a black finish to make it corrosion resistant and wear and tear-resistant.

This welder comes with 10 levels wire adjustable speed for different cutting needs, and you can easily adjust it whenever necessary. 

The flow of current can also be altered with MIN/MAX switch and ½ buttons so that the stream can be as thick as you need and also make the cutter applicable for a variety of materials. 

It uses flux-cored wire to self-release metal insert gases for welding, and this prevents the oxidation of all welds.

This welder is very portable in design, and this makes it easier for carrying it to the welding sites with ease. The welder is designed with two air vents that help in heat dissipation and also reduces the heat temperature while welding.

The package comes with safety gear like a welding helmet and wire brush to remove the debris and metal particles that drop in the process. 

This welding machine offers professional finish for stainless steel and thin steel and iron, and you get perfectly done jobs.


  • Overheating protection with two air vents
  • Wire brush and welding helmet included
  • Adjustable welding speed


  • Not suitable for all metal and thickness levels

HITBOX MIG welder is the most efficient and multipurpose welder that uses both gas inserts and solid wire for welding projects.

  • The gasless welding uses flux core wire, and this offers professional-grade finishes every time. 
  • This is the multifunctional MIG welder with the power of MIG/Arc/Lift TIG gas and gasless function.

This is the beginner welder that operates with the voltage power of 220V DC current and supports inverter technology, too, and this makes it the most sought after inverter welder for all welding projects at the workshop and at home. 

The welder comes with great design, and it is small and compact in size that makes it easier for carrying the welder to all welding sites efficiently.

  • It is the multifunctional welder with Arc, TIG, and MIG function with the maximum welding rod holding diameter up to 4.0mm. 
  • The welder is capable of 5KG/15KG roll of welding wire and comes with a 100% duty cycle that can reach when using the 0.8mm of wire for welding.

The package includes all necessary accessories which are ready to use ad you simply need to plug and start welding with this machine.


  • Multifunctional welder with MIG/Arc/TIG function
  • Supports for gas and gasless welding
  • Comes with all accessories


  • TIG Torch not included in the package

This is the Arc Welder that is designed with advanced IGBT inverter technology for exceptional Arc stability and hot start.

  • It features anti-sticking and forces adjustability with steeples amperage controls, which is all generators friendly. 
  • The welder comes with auto compensation for the voltage, and this ensures to protect the welder in any voltage fluctuation. 

It also has over, and low voltage protection circuits and overload protection, and this gives you efficient welding performance and peace of mind regardless of the voltage supplied to the machine. 

The welder has intelligent fan control operates when the job is started, and this ensures to keep the internal hardware cool and also reduces the airborne contaminants suction from the power source.

  • The welder comes with two air vents on the side panel of the welder that ensures to maintain the air circulation inside. 
  • The welder is lightweight, and internal components and hardware are quite stronger that makes it reliable for professional welding jobs. 
  • The machine comes with several energy-saving features and welding control settings to offer flawless welds every time while minimizing the spatter and post-weld clean-up.


  • Intelligent fan controls
  • Auto compensation for voltage fluctuation
  • Latest IGBT inverter technology


  • No temperature control settings for welds

Amico Power Arc DC Welder is the best option for all welding projects as it comes with advanced control module IGBT technology, and it enhances the performance of the welding machine and can handle all types of welding projects with ease.

The welder comes with dual welding soldering functions, and you can switch between 110V and 230V power depending upon the welding material and project entrusted to you.

This enhances the efficiency of the machine and delivers ultimate performance.

The welder comes with automatic compensation for the fluctuating voltage, and this can automatically adjust the working voltage against the input voltage fluctuation.

With this welding machine, you will enjoy great penetration for smooth and perfect finishing with a small amount of splashing. The welder is easy to use and aesthetically appealing, and it comes with two air vents at the side panel that ensure to keep the internal hardware cool when operating.

The welder also features over-voltage protection along with over-current protection and also overload protection, and this makes the machine completely protected regardless of the voltage and current flow. 

The machine creates no noise while operating, and it has energy-saving features too.


  • Greater penetration and simple to use
  • Voltage protection circuit
  • Advanced control IGBT dual voltage technology


  • Not for welding aluminum

ZENY MIG 130 is the gasless flux core wire auto-feed welder that is designed with solid construction. It is compact in size and designed with superior quality durable steel with the fully painted body to prevent rust formation and withstand wear and tear.

This is the ultra-durable and stronger welding machine that can be used for years to come without worrying about damaging.

As mentioned, this welding machine uses convenient flux-cored wire self-release metal inert gas when welding materials, and this helps in reducing oxidation of the welded parts and minimizes the build-up after welding.

Moreover, the automatic thermal safety protection prevents the machine from overload damages and handles the fluctuation of voltage while welding. 

10 ZENY MIG130 Gas-Less Flux Core Wire Automatic Feed Welder