Big Brands in the World Using Green Technology and Initiatives to Go Green

The slogan “go green” has inspired millions of people in the world. While we are taking initiatives at an individual scale, there are several popular brands in the world that are going big with green technology initiatives.

Earlier, it used to be a part of corporate social responsibility, but now, they have merged green tech with their operation to achieve sustainability.

More and more companies are going eco-friendly. They are using new innovative methods to reduce their carbon footprints.

Big Brands Going Green:

While technology is evolving, we need to use it for the betterment of the environment. Taking the shortcut will save your time and money now, but there will be nothing left in the future. 

These brands have successfully avoided the shortcut and have introduced green technology in the operations so that everyone can have a safe future.



Every single soul on the Earth knows what McDonald’s is. It is the biggest fast food and burger store in the world. They have taken several initiatives to consume less energy. 

All the appliances they use are 100% energy efficient. With this initiative, they are saving 25% energy. They have green parking lots with free parking space for energy-efficient vehicles. 

The concrete in the parking lot has charging facilities for the vehicles. It also helps in cleaning the groundwater. Apart from this, they are using sustainable means to get animal products. 

They make sure that the animal habitat is safe. They have also started providing whole wheat buns so that the people can stay fit.



Honda has taken various efforts to cut down their overall carbon emission. They plan to be on par with environment protection. Moreover, they have made a huge investment in research and technology. 

They constant thrive on producing fuel-efficient cars. They are trying to develop hydrogen fuel-cell to run an automobile. It holds number 1 rank in the field of fuel-efficient cars. 

They have cut down the carbon emissions and are trying to become carbon-neutral. Their main aim is to develop hydrogen fuel cell so that every car can run on it.

Bank of America:

Bank of America

Bank of America is amongst the first banks with green initiatives. They highly practice sustainability, thereby reducing their paper requirements by 32%. They have an internal recycling program. 

In this program, they recycle papers on their own. They recycle nearly 30,000 tons of paper annually. Which means, they save about 200,000 trees. 

If you an employee with BOA who is using a hybrid car, you will get $3000 cashback.



It is the biggest furniture brand in the world. Ever since the beginning, IKEA has always been supportive of green technology. They use compact packaging to reduce paper. 

You will never find any plastic bag in IKEA. Instead, they offer an IKEA bag which is sustainable as it lasts for a long time. They get half of the furniture wood from people who are into sustainable forests. 

They get cotton from farms with proper ethical standards. There are nearly 700,000 IKEA solar panels. The stress gets the power from here. They also have a cardboard compactor. All their employees use a bike for transport.



Puma is a shoe manufacturing company. They have taken a new fast approach to promoting sustainability. Ever since 2011, they are delivering shoes in a little bag. It is known as “the clever little bag”. 

This bag is reusable. They have made it from cornstarch. The best thing is that it decomposes on its own in 3 months. Because of this, they need 65% less paper. They have reduced the carbon emission by 10,000 tons.

These are the five biggest brands in the world who have taken sustainability very seriously. They use green technology to reduce energy and carbon footprints.