Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

This year instead of long rows in front of stores, you have the luxury to get all deals in the comfort of your room because all of them are coming your way online.

Last year Black Friday, united with Cyber Monday, became more of a Black Month since great deals spread during the holidays.

The winner of last year’s Black Friday was, by all means, e-commerce. Online sales hit $9 billion on Black Friday only, according to Adobe. Salesforce estimated that online customers around the world spent 116.6 million hours shopping on Black Friday. During the holidays, $6.3 million per minute was spent on online shopping only in the US, also according to Adobe.

“Spending via smartphone” nailed 40% of all sales on Black Friday, as shown by analytics, which was an increase of almost $3.6 billion compared to the previous year’s sales.

With their prices dropping up to 90% on this day, usual deals are new phones, consoles, smart devices, TVs, etc. For example, last year, you could’ve bought a 50″ Smart Insignia 4K TV for $149, save up to $200 on a MacBook Air, $500 on an HP Spectre x360, etc.

This year, software solutions will be incredibly popular; deals that are offered with annual subscription plans or mind-blowing discounts.

If you consider that e-commerce and online shopping are a way of life now, offers on more sophisticated, updated, easier to use, and safer software solutions are something worth buying on Black Friday.

For WordPress website improvements or remarkable plugins, now is the best time to get as many as you can? With great prices and deals, you will improve your site, its performances, user experience, boosts your sales with e-commerce solutions, you name it.

So relax, keep reading and browsing, and claim these top deals that we prepared for you.




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