10 Amazing Coding Games for Kids to Learn Programming in 2020

Technology has become such an important part of our lives. Day by day the need for computer science is growing like crazy. You will find yourself surrounded by these amazing techs and its programming will leave you in awe. 

From the smart home appliances in your homes to the basic games in your mobile, everything involves coding. I am sure your kids love to play games on mobiles, tabs, and computer. 

But how wonderful it would be if they can learn basic programming while playing? You will find so many interesting coding games for kids online.

Oh no, I am not crazy and I definitely don’t want you to force your child into the field of computer science. But there is no harm in making them understand the importance of technology and how programming works. 

Why Coding?

Coding will not only make your kids understand how software or game works but will also improve their problem-solving abilities. It gives them a way to bring out their creativity and think for various solutions and also come up with innovative ideas.

Through gaming, they can brush up their thinking skills, learn through trial and error, and develop logical and reasoning skills. Coding games for kids teach computer and other important skills in a fun way. If you are looking for such coding games for your kids, also see the best laptops under 300$ for students and kids

10 Amazing Coding Games for Kids to Learn Programming in 2020

Here we go.

1. CodeCombat

coding games for kids Codecombat

CodeCombat is a web-based game which teaches kids programming languages like Python, JavaScript, and CoffeeScript. Kids have to type a code in order to control the actions of a player. 

But don’t worry, you can start playing this game with zero coding knowledge and improve coding skills with each level. And you will never get bored or scared as CodeCombat is a perfect combination of entertainment and education.

This gen-collecting battle game has single-player levels and a multiplayer tournament. It is great for kids of all ages and you can play the free online version without logging in.

2. Scratch

coding games for kids Scratch

Scratch is not just another coding game, it is an online community where your kids can learn from basic to advanced level coding. It provides the children with a platform to create their own games, stories, and animation using drag and drop programming events.

If you want your kids to work together as a team, think out of the box, and reason systematically, get them to try Scratch.

It is designed for kids of age 8-16 but can be used by anyone who is keen on learning programming. ScratchJr is a simplified version developed for kids below 8. 

3. CheckiO

coding games for kids CheckiO

CheckiO improves your JavaScript and Python coding skills using fun and challenging games. You codes are reviewed by the community, this helps you know whether you are right or wrong. 

The learning process is made more interesting as you have to use various codes in the game to drive off your enemies.

4. CodeMonkey


In CodeMonkey, kids have to help the monkey reach the bananas which are stolen by a gorilla. But they have to do so with the help of codes. 

With each level, the difficulty of the game rises and you get to learn a new function every time. Kids will develop their programming skills and creativity through this game.

5. CodeWars


Codewars teaches kids over 20 different programming languages including PHP, Java, Python, C++, JavaScript, and Ruby. 

They get to practice through ‘kata’ exercises which helps them in achieving their goal i.e. become the master in their code. But Codewars is not for the beginners, you need to have some basic programming knowledge to be a part of it.

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6. BlocklyGames

coding games for kids Blockly

In Blockly games kids can make a program by arranging the blocks using drag and drop. Blockly has various games and with each game, kids get to learn a new concept.

First is a Puzzle, which is a basic introduction and teaches how the pieces snap together. Maze is an introduction to loops and conditions. Bird teaches complex conditionals. Turtle dives deep into loops and nested loops.

Movie and Music introduce mathematical equations and functions respectively. Pond Tutor explains the text-based program. Whereas, Pond is a contest to program the smartest duck using JavaScript or Blocks.

7. Robozzle


Robozzle is a puzzle game where the kids have to program a robot to go in various directions through maze. There are many puzzles available with different difficulty levels which are created by the community. Once you kids have solved enough puzzles, they can create their own.

The game is available online for free. But you will need Silverlight on your browser to play it.

8. Tynker

coding games for kids Tynker

Tynker has designed various courses for kids based on the age group. Kids aged 4-7can learn the basics of the codes through voice instruction. For age group 7-13 they move to advance level of coding by using drag and drop method. 

For older kids, the course provides real-world coding using JavaScript and Python. With Tynker kids can make apps, websites, or build games. There are a few levels and activities which are free. But for more levels and courses, you need to take a subscription which is quite affordable.

9. CodinGame


CodinGame supports 20+ languages like Java, C, C++, Python, JavaScript, Swift, PHP, Ruby, etc. This game is not meant for very young kids but upper elementary kids and adults will enjoy this game. 

There are various challenges, puzzles, and coding battles which need to be solved using codes. Both single-player and multiplayer options are available in the game. The game also offers jobs to professional programmers.

10. Robocode


In Robocode, you have to create a virtual tank using Java or any other programming language and send it to fight against other user-generated robots.

You have to write an AI code for the actions of the robot you want to send in battle. This way you not only have to think about what functions to give your robot but you will also have to keep in mind what other players might do.

Coding games will improve your kid’s thinking and learning power. But we suggest that you engage them into coding only if they wish to or enjoy.  

So, I hope this list of coding games for kids will make your kids intrigued into programming and they will have a successful career ahead.