Four Common Headphone Buying Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

In the past, headphones weren’t as pervasive as they are right now. But folks want to listen to music in private without disturbing anyone or without sharing their music tastes with strangers.

And they use headphones for that purpose. You’ve probably sat next to someone at some point who was listening to their music or watching a YouTube video loudly and it was quite irritating to everyone around.

A good pair of headphones can give you great audio quality and keep you from getting the stink eye from people around you. Keep reading for some headphone buying mistakes so you can get the best pair of headphones for your specific needs.

1. Buy a Good Brand of Headphones

So many people think that headphones are made to break quickly, so why bother buying a good brand or an expensive set? But that’s not actually true. If you spend the money to buy a good brand of headphones (like those on then they will actually last you 3-5 years or more, depending on how well you treat them.

2. Don’t Pick Style Over Comfort or Audio Quality

The most important reason you are purchasing headphones is to satisfy the audiophile in you. So don’t worry too much about how the headphones look, but focus on how they sound first. You are going to have them on your head for hours on end, so they also need to be comfortable.

Check out common headphone features as well, and see which ones appeal to you and which ones you can do without. This way you will pick a pair of headphones that works for you perfectly.

3. Always Try Them on Before You Buy, if Possible

It might not be possible to do this, especially if you are buying headphones online, but it’s a good idea to try headphones on before purchasing them. This way you can see how they fit into your ears or on your head and how they feel to you. You can also test out the sound quality.

4. Think About Service Centre and Repair Availability

Some popular headphone brands are easier to get repaired when broken than others. And this is a consideration you need to keep in mind when purchasing headphones. It can get pretty expensive to mail your headphones over to another city or even another country to get them fixed.

Which Headphone Buying Mistakes Are You Committing

If you care about music, then you will want to spend time comparing different types of headphones and then picking the best one for you. Also, avoid the common headphone buying mistakes mentioned above and you should be golden.

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