5 Common Mistakes with Live Streams and How to Avoid Them

Live videos on Facebook get ten times the engagement of Instagram posts. These posts have an average of 6.09% engagement rate interactions!

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The only problem is reaching those high numbers. There are numerous mistakes with live streams that will harm your averages.

If you don’t know what they are, it’s easy to make them. That is why we have compiled a list of common errors that you can avoid right now.

Does that sound right? Continue reading to discover what they are!

  1. Investing in the Wrong Equipment

One common mistake when planning a live stream is investing in the wrong equipment. When live streaming a single person in an office setting, an inexpensive HD webcam is usually all that is needed.

On the other hand, if multiple people will be visible on screen or the scene requires a wider field of view, then multiple webcams or even a DSLR camera may be a better option.

To ensure a successful live stream, check the network connection prior to the broadcast, test out the camera and microphone, and be sure to use the best VPN for streaming.

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And also, it’s often best to start simple and upgrade to a higher quality when the need arises. If unsure of what equipment to buy, it can also be helpful to consult an experienced live-streaming technician.

  1. Skimping on Bandwidth

Using too little bandwidth is one of the most common mistakes made when live streaming. When there isn’t enough bandwidth available, viewers may encounter buffering and poor-quality video when streaming or trying to watch a live broadcast.

To avoid this, it’s important to ensure that the speed and capacity of the connection you’ll be using are sufficient for the stream. This can often be accomplished by doing a speed test and also researching the specific services you plan on using for streaming.

Quality settings also must be adjusted correctly as low settings can lead to poor-quality images.

  1. Failing to Test Audio and Video Settings

No live stream is perfect and mistakes are inevitable, however failing when testing live streams audio and video settings can lead to costly errors.

This is especially true if there is additional production value such as multiple video sources and mixes or layered audio. Before going live, double-check all the audio and video sources and levels to ensure each one is perfect.

  1. Neglecting to Promote the Stream

If content creators wish to increase viewership, they must make sure to advertise the upcoming stream, ideally days in advance. This can be done using traditional media (word of mouth, print, TV), as well as through social media platforms.

Sharing content across all accounts and including attractive images, intriguing titles, and personalized descriptions to draw attention will help to promote your stream.

  1. Forgetting to Engage with the Audience

When live streaming, it is easy to forget to engage with the audience. To avoid this mistake, use methods such as taking questions from the audience and discussing relevant points with viewers during, or immediately after, the stream.

Without engagement, a viewer’s attention could easily be lost and the stream could be seen as unengaging.

Avoid These Common Mistakes With Live Streams Today

Keep these tips in mind to improve your live streaming success. Make sure to cover the basics, check your setup beforehand, use a proper streaming platform, plan ahead and engage with your audience.

With these simple steps, you can avoid common mistakes with live streams and create engaging online experiences for your viewers and fans. So, get started today!

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