Cool Things to Do on Your iPhone When You Are Bored

If you are bored and have one of the latest iPhones, there are many things you can do to entertain yourself. This article will expose you and your friends to some of the coolest tips and tricks. Whether you are looking to play games, watch movies or TV shows, listen to music, or read books, we have you covered. So, let’s get started!

Check Out Twitter

There is certainly a very realistic possibility that you have heard of Twitter. It is a social network where people can post messages or “tweets.” Many celebrities and famous people use it, and oftentimes they will post about things that happen in their daily lives to keep fans updated.

You can also tweet from your iPhone (or any other mobile device for that matter), and you can follow your favorite celebrities to see what they are up to.

Listen to Podcasts

woman using white earphones

Podcasts (a portmanteau of “iPod” and “broadcast”) are like radio shows that people make available on the Internet so anyone can listen to them at any time. Some podcasts are about a single topic, and others cover a wide variety of topics. There is a podcast for everyone! All you need is the app (which comes standard on every iPhone) and an Internet connection to play it.

Watch Videos on YouTube

YouTube is a viral and robust video-sharing website where users can upload and share videos, and viewers can watch those videos at any time. Many different types of videos are available, such as music clips, TV show snippets, video blogs (vlogs), and much more.

Get Some New Apps

There are so many countless money apps that you can download for free, and some of them are great time wasters. You will literally never have to run out of things to do on your iPhone!

Netflix and Hulu

Netflix on iphone

If you want to watch movies or TV shows on your iPhone, just download the Netflix and Hulu apps. You will need a subscription with either service in order to use their apps, but both of these services sometimes offer free trials so you can get started without spending any money.

Use iBooks and Kindle

You can download books on your iPhone through the iBooks and Kindle apps. You can get both of them for free; however, you will need to purchase books (unless they are free) with the Kindle app.

Online Poker

If you want to gamble for fun and pleasure, you can play poker online. You can find some top poker games online. It’s basically a case of finding a site that looks right for you.

Surf the Web

Using iPhone

If you want to look up information online, the web is a good place to start. You can just type in what you are looking for into Google or any other search engine, and your results will show up.

Do Some Word Puzzles

You can download word games on your iPhone through the App Store. Some examples include crosswords, puzzles that are similar to crosswords, word searches, jumbled words, and others.

You can also play some classic games like hangman, and even solve jigsaw puzzles on your phone!

Play Card Games

Card games are a great outlet when you’re bored, and they’re easy to play on your phone. Games like FreeCell give you a challenge to solve how solitaire cards can get into the foundation, while multiplayer games like Hearts allow you to play with other players


There you have it! Hopefully, this list has given you lots of new things to do with your iPhone when you are bored. Try them out next time you feel the need for something fun.