How to Create Stunning Comparison Tables and Product Boxes That Convert

Your responsibility as an online store owner or marketer is to boost the exchange rate and persuade customers to buy one of your products. Due to the wide offer and comparable features of the numerous products that are sold online, buyers frequently need clarification about purchasing a specific product they require.

Allowing people to compare items and evaluate all the necessary information to decide is one original approach to accomplish this. You will save them a ton of time and provide them with an excellent customer experience by graphically assisting them.

They will eventually return to your website to buy additional things, and you can be sure of that. You only require Affiliatable to accomplish your goals.


Affiliatable landing page

Affiliatable is a distinctive style that will connect with your audience, improve lines of connection with your clients, and boost sales and SEO positions. To begin with, Affiliatable allows you to be a little artistic and produce stunning comparative table and item boxes for your clients.

This tool will help your clients build an attractive affiliate website and boost your sales by evaluating the advantages of your items and viewing all the crucial information. The fantastic thing is that because this is a platform web app, you won’t need to install any plugins that can impair your website’s performance.

Additionally, you won’t experience any compatibility issues because it functions flawlessly with various page builders, including Gutenberg, Oxygen, Elementor, and Beaver, and with sites specifically created for you.

The geotargeting functionality, updating tracker ID, copy functionality, customized categories, and many other great features are just a few of the cool things we still need to cover. As was previously noted, Affiliatable makes it incredibly simple to create attractive and practical item boxes and comparison tables.

Complete Customization

Affiliatable customization options

It allows complete customization whenever it comes to the look of the boxes and tables, ensuring that everything matches your website and brand. The columns and boxes are simple to configure because of how simple this tool is and how it maintains everything in one place. The functionality of this tool is comparable to those of Lasso, AAWP, or AmaLinks Pro.

With this program, you can create 150 posts and operate solely on a single website. Thanks to its ready integration with the Amazon API, you can use it directly to sell products on Amazon.

Premium Designs

Affiliatable premium design

If the premium design you choose from Affiliatable differs from what you’re looking for, you can modify it to fit your needs. You can customize your pages’ text files, colors, and CTA using a variety of choices for generating stunning boxes and tables. You won’t require much to make comparative tables and product boxes.

The best part is that you can finish creating your comparison tables and boxes in just a few minutes.

By changing their primary components, these pre-built templates with solid conversion rates can be made just for your website.

Preview Check Option

Affiliatable preview option

Affiliatable will also allow you to perform a preview check on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device to see the results before making them public. You can also include external links and view their metrics on your website. Naturally, this program doesn’t require any code, so nearly anyone can utilize it without any issues or challenges.

Additionally, there won’t be any unwelcome scripts so that you may unwind.

Final Thoughts

Affiliatable is the best option for you if you need a high-converting comparison tableAffiliatable is the best option for you. It is compatible with any page builder, such as Elementor or Gutenberg, and has an intuitive design to understand the data better.