How to Design a Compelling Website

Nearly 40% of your website visitors will stop engaging if your site is poorly designed. Another 40% will leave if your site is slow. Your website’s design and development matter.

Without a compelling website, you’ll miss opportunities to generate leads and sales. In fact, nearly 39% of people judge your business based on your website.

Designing a compelling website involves careful consideration of user experience, visual aesthetics, and content strategy. Collaborating with a website design agency can bring expertise and creativity to the process, ensuring your website effectively engages visitors and conveys your message.

Here are a few design tips that can help you build a website with your target audience in mind. With these tips, you can use your site to generate brand awareness and leads. Then, you can boost your ROI to ensure your company’s growth.

Discover how to build a website that benefits your business with these tips today.

Understand Your Audience

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Before you rush to use the rest of these design tips, take a moment to research your target audience. If your site isn’t designed with them in mind, you won’t generate conversions. Instead, define exactly who your customers are based on demo- and psychographic research.

First, take a look at your website’s Google Analytics. Consider who has visited your site and converted in the past.

As you gather audience research, consider the consumer’s:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Household income
  • Marital status
  • Buying behaviors
  • Interests
  • Hobbies
  • Pain points
  • Career
  • Education
  • Language

Focus a little more attention on the pain points your customers are experiencing. To create a compelling website, show consumers how you’re able to help. Offer them the information they need to recognize your company is a helpful resource.

Understanding your target audience can help you personalize your site with your customers in mind. Personalization can help you emotionally connect with customers. Then, you can leverage that emotional connection to generate leads.

Clear Away Clutter

Don’t put too much content on every page. Instead, try to use minimalistic design trends. Use a clean layout to grab and keep the reader’s attention.

If your site is too cluttered or unorganized, visitors will struggle to find the information they need. They might decide to leave without exploring your content. As people leave, your bounce rate will start to increase.

A high bounce rate can have a negative impact on your organic search engine rankings. Low rankings can make it more difficult for consumers to find your business online.

If your content is cluttered or unorganized, consumers might also struggle to convert.

Instead, use a clean layout. Make sure it’s easy for consumers to find the information they need.

The easier your pages are to navigate, the more likely consumers will recognize you can offer the help they’re looking for.

Try improving the readability across your site, too. For example, you can organize ideas using headings and subheadings. Try bullet points, lists, and shorter sentences, too.

When in doubt, keep it simple!

Build Credibility

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Consumers won’t convert on your website if they can’t find a reason to trust you. Boost your brand’s credibility by adding social signals across your site.

First, use a plugin to feed your Google Business reviews to your website. Positive customer reviews will show on-the-fence consumers that other shoppers trust you.

If you post user-generated content on social media, feed those posts to your website as well. Consumers will start to recognize why other shoppers love and trust your brand. Then, they might feel compelled to give you a try.

You can also boost your brand’s credibility with security seals. Security seals can indicate your site is secure, ensuring consumers their data isn’t vulnerable.

Make sure to highlight the unique value proposition you’re offering customers, too. Your unique value will set you apart from competitors. Consumers might feel encouraged to give your brand a chance once they recognize you offer what no one else can.

Maintain Brand Consistency

Consumers need to view your brand multiple times before brand awareness develops. Your brand includes your:

  • Voice
  • Tone
  • Personality
  • Logo
  • Font styles
  • Imagery styles
  • Color palette

As you start using these web design and marketing tips, make sure to maintain brand consistency. If visitors move from one page to the next and see a different brand, they might get confused. They could think they’ve moved on to a different website.

In time, brand awareness can become brand recognition, enabling you to remain top of mind with customers. The next time they want your offerings, they’ll recall your brand and website.

Use Eye-Catching Imagery

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Make sure to use high-quality, branded images across your site. Avoid using stock photography, which can make your brand look ingenuine. Instead, use your website to show off your products or services.

Eye-catching images can help you grab the consumer’s attention the moment they land on the page.

Write Stronger CTAs

If you want to use your compelling website to generate leads and sales, take the time to consider your call-to-action language. An effective CTA is clear, concise, and compelling.

Add multiple CTAs to each page to give consumers multiple opportunities to convert. For example, you can add a form above the fold. Consider adding an eye-catching button to the navigation bar, too.

Improve the User Experience

People designing better user experience

About 88% of people will leave a website after having a bad user experience (UX). It’s not enough to consider your website’s appearance. You need to make sure your site is functional, too.

Otherwise, people will leave your beautiful website if they find it difficult to use.

Make sure your site is fast, mobile-optimized, and user-friendly. Consider working with an experienced web design and development agency this year. You can check out the Tilladelse marketing agency or Nopio to get started.

Explore Design Trends

Once you’ve used these design tips, consider looking into the latest web design and development trends. Applying the latest trends will help your brand look up-and-coming.

If you fall behind, consumers will take notice. They might prefer to choose a brand that’s in the know instead.

Quick Conversions: Design Your Own Compelling Website Today

Don’t let a dull, outdated website impact your ability to generate conversions. Instead, use these design tips to create a compelling website. With these tips, you can turn your site into a lead-generating machine.

Watch your ROI rise with these tips today.

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