Desktop vs Laptop: What Should You Buy?

During the early days, there were only desktops. The laptop came a decade after Desktop. Desktop became popular in the 1070s while the first laptop was invented in 1981.

Laptop and Desktop serve the same purpose, but there are many differences between these two gadgets. The biggest point to difference is portability. 



A laptop is extremely portable. You can quickly close it and carry it anywhere you want. There is no need to plug it inconsistently. It works on a battery. It is small, compact and lightweight. You can easily keep it on your lap, open it and start using it.



A desktop is not portable. It is bulkier than a laptop and needs set up. You cannot carry it from one place to another. It requires a power connection to work. You need to set it up in a position in order to use it. You need a desk to set it up.

Desktop vs Laptop:

There is an age-old war between Desktop and laptop. While some people prefer using a desktop, another thing is a laptop is more feasible. Both gadgets have their own advantages and disadvantages. 

However, the buying decision depends on your requirement and needs. Here are the points of difference.


  • Desktop: There is a variety of desktops available in the market. The price depends on the model and specifications. Low budget desktop costs $400 and goes all the way to thousands of dollars.
  • Laptop: There are different price ranges of laptops in the market. But they are costlier than desktops. Because they have an inbuilt battery, the price is high.


  • Desktop: Desktop has large processors. It is more powerful. You will easily get a desktop with the latest processor.
  • Laptop: Laptop processors are not as good as Desktop. There are few gaming laptops which deliver the same performance as Desktop. But these laptops are very costly.


  • Desktop: It is a hassle to set up a desktop. You need to buy a desk and assemble all the parts in order to set it up. It takes time.
  • Laptop: There is no setup needed on a laptop. You can directly purchase and start using it.


  • Desktop: It is not portable because it needs a power supply. There is a wire connection which restricts portability.
  • Laptop: It is incredibly portable. It works on battery, and there are no wires which make it portable. You can carry it anywhere but don’t forget your charger.

Internal Storage:

  • Desktop: There is more internal storage in Desktop. You can install various internal devices for memory.
  • Laptop: There is only one internal drive. There is not much internal storage in the laptop.

External Storage: 

  • Desktop: You can connect various external drives to increase the external memory.
  • Laptop: In the laptop, you can also connect various external drives to increase the space.

Screen Size:

  • Desktop: Desktop is available in different screen sizes. You can increase the screen size by connecting it with a large monitor of TV.
  • Laptop: Although the laptop screen size is not as big as a monitor or TV, you can connect it with other screens to increase the size.


  • Desktop: Desktop lasts for a longer time than the laptop. The lifespan is good.
  • Laptop: Laptop has a limited lifespan. They last only for 4 to 6 years.


  • Desktop: It is easy to repair a desktop. You can easily find the hardware and parts.
  • Laptop: It isn’t easy to repair a laptop. The parts are not easily available.

These are the differences between a desktop and a laptop. If you are looking for a gadget to use for home, a desktop is perfect for you. But if you need it for work and you travel a lot, it is best to go with a laptop.