8 Effective Strategies to Make Your eCommerce Business Grow Fast

With over 24 million eCommerce websites, competition is fierce. However, you can bring high-quality traffic to your online store with the right tactics and strategy. Doing so allows you to convert new leads into repeat customers and achieve e-commerce success.

In this post, we’ll walk you through some of the ways you can grow your e-commerce business, no matter what types of products and services you sell.

For you to boost your sales, you need a game plan. Here are some strategies that will put you on a winning track:

1. Start with a solid base

A very important first step in building a successful website is naturally the website itself. If you start off with a solid base and set up a good set of plugins it can make your life a lot easier later on. A very useful plugin for any store is WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping which allows you to create advanced shipping rules based on weight, item count, and more. It also allows you to create different shipping rules for logged-in users.

Another must-have for any online store is the ability to export the orders that are coming in, for which purpose WooCommerce Order Export is your best choice as it not only exports all the orders with the exact selection of fields you want but it also allows you to set-up automatic emails with the new orders that have come in. This way you will always be on top of things.

2. Boost brand awareness

Improving brand awareness is all about allowing people to discover your brand and recognize it again in the future. To do this, you need to post regularly on social media. Couple that with organic content along with paid promotions.

In the same way, to boost your eCommerce conversions, you should also have a strong SEO strategy. When customers search for your products, your site will show up on the first page of the search results.

3. Optimize for mobile

Person holding smartphone

Do you know that 59% of eCommerce sales are now happening on mobile devices? That’s why having an optimized mobile experience is essential.

Make your site mobile responsive to adapt to various device sizes. Regularly run quality assurance tests to make buttons easily clickable, the content display shows up correctly, and the scrolling is easy.

In the same way, you also need to streamline the browsing, search, and checkout experience using autofill suggestions to enhance the whole customer experience.

4. Simplify your inventory management

Inventory forecasting and management is another excellent way to improve your e-commerce sales.

By simplifying inventory management, you can accurately predict the number of reorders and when to reorder them; you can save many shipping costs.

Perhaps, it’s time to think about your own e-commerce mobile app.

5. Market your most popular products

People reading charts

Your popular products are there for a reason. Highlight these items on your landing pages in the recommendation sections. Doing so allows you to sell more of these products, especially when showcasing positive reviews about products.

It would help if you also encouraged purchases from your customers by creating fear of missing out (FOMO.) You can do this through an e-commerce pop-up notification system that alerts visitors how many people purchase specific products.

6. Think outside the box

It would help if you also pushed yourself to think outside the box to look for other strategies to attract more people to your store.

Let’s say, have you ever thought about being open to franchise opportunities? Does your business fit this model?

You might also look for other ways of selling, such as affiliate networking. Be creative as you look for more ways that your business can make money and boost your business growth.

7. Have some promotions

Cart with sale

Tap to a potential customer’s impulse by offering freebies and discounts. We’re talking about promotions. Once you have visitors on your website, the best way to encourage them to purchase is to provide tremendous value.

The best way to urge them to buy is to offer that value for only a limited time. So, think about the promotions that you want to provide. Here are some examples:

  • Buy one, get one free- This promotion is excellent if you have overstocks or want to clear out old items to make way for new stock.
  • Free shipping- Another great promotion option is offering free shipping. You can provide free shipping once a customer reaches a certain quantity or value.
  • Freebies- Include freebies with every purchase to add a slight connection between your brand and customers.
  • Sale price- Adding a simple 20% off to an item might be all it takes to make a sale. You might want to enter a list price and the sale price. That way, the customer will see how much they’ll be saving.

8. Improve your social media strategy

Man writing on board

Many e-commerce businesses use social media platforms but don’t drive customers to their e-commerce site or have no sales applications set up on their social media pages.

You must develop your strategy and utilize techniques like social media chatbots, live streaming, and stories to drive customers to your store. If you want to convert “ready-to-buy” customers, leverage paid ads and in-app purchases.

9. Create a seamless checkout experience

Checkout is a crucial moment in the buyer’s experience. You want customers not to overthink their purchase so that they won’t be stopping themselves from going through with the purchase.

Here are some handy tips:

  • Set up a one-click purchase system
  • Provide as many payment methods as possible
  • Give customers the option to purchase directly from a product page.
  • Connect the checkout system to the point of sale (POS) system.

In summary

Be sure to optimize your site and review the best marketing practices regularly. If you follow these simple and effective growth strategies, then your eCommerce business will grow.