Electric Hummer Enters the Battery-Powered Pickup Truck Market

The electric car market is thriving!

Automobile companies are entering into this market segment as the demand for electric vehicles is at an all-time high.

Due to climate change and environmental problems, people are moving towards electric vehicles. As these vehicles work on battery rather than fuel, there is less carbon emission.

On 20th October, General Motors Co entered into this market by launching all-new electric Hummer pickup truck.

The high-end version of this pickup truck will arrive in the showroom by the end of next year.

Hummer is a very popular name amongst cars. Now, you will be able to enjoy the battery-powered version of Hummer. 

Market Competition:

There is cut-throat competition in the electric vehicle market. Earlier the competition was between electric cars, but now, it has moved on to battery-powered trucks.

There are seven popular automobile companies who have plans to launch their own electric trucks. They are going to do it in the next two years. 

Currently, the electric car market is very lucrative. With the launch of new electric wagons, these companies are going to dominate the market. Here are all the competitors.

  • Ford: Ford is going to launch electric F-150. The production will probably start from June 2021 and end by 2022. This car rival GMC’s Electric Hummer.
  • Tesla: Tesla is the pioneer of electric cars. Apart from the normal electric cars, they are going to launch the Tesla Cybertruck. It will probably arrive in 2022. It is going to become another rival.
  • Other Competitors: The other competitors are, Bollinger Motors, Rivian, Nikola and Lordstown Motors. They all want to try their luck in the electric truck market.

While these companies are entering the market, there are some companies who are active players. GMC’s Chevrolet Silverado is an electric pickup truck which has been in the market since 2018. 

Then there is Ford with its F-Series Trucks. These are electric trucks. Fiat is also an active participant in the market. Fiat Chrysler’s Ram Pickup is another popular electric truck.

Electric hummer

Electric Hummer Pickup Truck:

The off-road Hummer will cost you around $112,000. The price is for the first edition of the electric vehicle. Hummer is better than other pickup trucks. 

Most of the tucks only run 250 miles with one charge. However, the new Electric Hummer will run 350 miles in just one charge. The early testing shows this performance. 

Although Hummer is a bit pricy, it has many excellent features. You can enjoy many new features with this pickup. There are three motors in this truck. These motors generate nearly 1000 HP. You can use it for towing and hauling. 

The best part is that it can change the speed from 0 to 60 mph in just 3 seconds. There is a crab walk feature as well. With these features, you can steer all the wheels at the same angle. You can use this feature to move the truck diagonally. 

If you cannot afford this car, you can wait for the affordable versions. They will launch EV2 in 2024. It will start around $80,000. 

Once upon a time, Hummer was the most demanded car. With the launch of the new electric version of the truck, Hummer will gain back its position again.