Google Product Packaging: 100% Plastic Free and Recyclable by 2025

After Apple and Xiaomi, Google is going to make product packaging changes. 

Google has taken a new pledge to make product packaging more sustainable.

This tech giant will make product packaging 100% plastic-free and recyclable in the next five years.

The climate change problem has driven more and more tech companies to make their operations more sustainable.

Earlier this month, Apple came up with a new policy to cut down electronic and plastic waste by ditching chargers and earphones. 

After apple, Xiaomi came up with a new policy. The company is going to reduce 60% of plastic from its outer packaging.

Now, Google came up with a better plan for climate change the two companies.

While other companies are making some compromises with the packaging, Google is going to go all the way.

In a recent announcement, Google has taken a pledge to not only remove plastic from the packaging completely but use recyclable material.

Product and Packaging Changes:

As of now, Google has taken a small step towards its five-year goal. The new Pixel phone by Google sports a back cover which is sustainable. It is made from 100% recycled aluminium. 

Google plans to keep all the shipping of Google products carbon neutral. To and from shipping will be 100% carbon neutral. It means that there will be zero carbon emission on shipping.

Ever since 2006, the company have made changes in the packaging to reduce plastic. However, they are going to take some serious action to go completely plastic-free.

They are searching for recyclable materials as an alternative to plastic. 

In the year 2019, the company pledged to use recycled materials in all its products. 

They are going to design all the new Pixel and Nest devices with materials which undergo recycling process.

Google Packaging

Nest Audio:

Google has made some serious changes while designing the new Nest Audio. 70% of plastic in this product is recycled. All the parts, as well as the fabric of this device, is made from this plastic. Last year Google came up with Nest Mini. They introduced sustainable fabric to cover this product. Nest Audio sports the same cover as Nest Mini. It covers is sustainable.

Nest Thermostat:

They have also made changes in the materials used in the latest Next Thermostat. This device sports a trip plate. It is made from plastic which is recycled. 75% of plastic is recycled. It is consumer recycled plastic.

Google’s Original Plan:

Google is going to update the original plan of using sustainable materials in product packaging. They are going to use only recycled or renewable materials for packing their products.

They are going to do it and reduce plastic use by 50%. Their main priority is to use recycled plastic wherever possible. By updating its original plan, Google will become the first company to surpass the industry standards of using sustainable materials in product packaging.

No other company have taken such extreme measure to cut down plastic waste and reduce their carbon footprints. Google stays ahead in the race of sustainability.