Google Stops Free Unlimited Photos Backup and Comes Up With New Storage Plans

The latest news from Google has disappointed many android users. Most of them rely on Google Photos to back up the media on their phone. 

However, Google is going to stop providing free unlimited storage for backing up photos and videos. The only good thing about this decision is that it will take effect next year.

We still have a few months to manage the storage effectively. This plan will come into effect from June 2021. All the android users need to start managing the photo backup.

Free Storage:

Google is going to provide free storage up to 15 GB. It is for everyone who has a Google Account linked in their smartphone. This storage is for Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Photos, Videos, Google Drive, etc.

Prior to this decision, Photos and Videos were not a part of the 15GB storage plan. Multimedia was exempted. However, with the new plan, photos and videos storage will become a part of the 15GB plan.

All the users will get a combines the storage of 15GB for all types of media. While it was easier to manage the storage earlier, it won’t be easy now as photos and videos consume more space.

Google Photos

Additional Storage:

In order to opt for additional storage, you need to opt for a monthly or yearly subscription plan. You can use the Google One service. It is a paid service where you can purchase a storage plan.

If you don’t want to spend money on storage, you can start managing the photos and videos. You will get free storage up to 1st June 2021. All the photos you backup before this date will not become a part of the 15GB storage. 

All your old photos will remain safe and secure with Google. Only the new photos that you backup after this date will include in the 15GB storage plan. 

Photo Quality:

Every Google user will have two options to save the pictures in Google backup. You can either save the picture in original quality of high quality.

  • Original Quality: It will be the exact same quality you take the picture in. Nowadays most of the people are using a triple rear camera which clicks pictures in high resolution. These pictures consume a lot of space. Each picture takes up around 4MB of space.
  • High Quality: If you go with this option, Google will compress the original photo to save space. These pictures will not be details. It will be of slightly inferior quality than the original photo.

Managing Storage:

Google has come up with various tools and options to manage storage effectively. You can use the new free tool in the Google Photo app. It will help you to review all the photos. It will highlight all the dark, blur and large size photos. You can use it to clear the clutter and save memory.

There is another option which helps you to check how much storage space is left. If you use the link, it will show you how many years of free storage is left.

If you want to avoid all these hassles, you can opt for Google One Subscription plan. Moreover, if you take 100GB storage plan it will cost you around ₹130 monthly and ₹1,300 yearly. 200GB Storage plan costs around ₹2,100 yearly. 

There are many other ways by which you can manage the storage option. The best thing you can do is review all the photos and videos and delete them from time to time.