Google’s New Phone Subscription Plan: Use Pixel 4A for 2 Years At $216

Are you planning to buy a new Google Pixel phone?

Well, here is good news for you! Now, you don’t have to pay a huge sum of money to use Google Pixel 4A.

With the new subscription plan, you will be able to use the phone at just $216 for two years.

It is a great plan for people who love to upgrade their phones after every one or two years.

This plan not only gives you the liberty to try on a new phone but to save a lot of money as well.

Google Fi Phone Subscription Program:

Google Fi is actually a phone carrier. It is operated by Google. With the service, you will be able to use data on three networks. Your phone will switch between these networks to provide you with the best available service. There are various Google Fi plans available.

However, the recent plan in advance. It is not about carrier or service, but about the handset. With the new plan, you will be able to use Google’s Pixel 4A phone for just $9 monthly.

It is a monthly plan which will last for 24 months. You will be able to use Pixel 4A on a subscription basis for two years. The best thing is that you only have to pay $216 to use the phone for 24 months.

It is better than purchasing the phone for $349. You will be able to save nearly $133 with this plan. After you make the monthly payments for two years, you can keep the phone with you. It means you will get ownership of the phone after making all the payments.

Pixel 4a

Protection Plan:

If you are planning to get the phone, it is best if you opt for a protection plan as well. To add protection, you need to pay an additional $6 monthly. By adding this plan, the total monthly cost will be $15. The protection plan will provide two benefits.

  • Two Accidental Damage: It will cover two accidental damage claims. So if you accidentally damage the phone twice, Google will cover it.
  • One Loss or Theft: It will cover the phone cost if you lose it or if there is any theft. You will only get one claim in a year. You will get a replacement for the phone. However, this plan is not for New York residents.

If you opt for $15 monthly plan, you have to pay $360 in two years to own the phone. The price is slightly more than the original cost, i.e. $349. You have to pay $11 more than the original cost.

Drawbacks of the Plan:

There are two drawbacks of the plan. The first drawback is that you cannot pay the entire amount immediately and get the ownership of the phone. If you opt of $9 plan, you have to make the payment in instalments for two years.

Another drawback of the plan is that you will not get the Google Fi plan. You have to separately get the Google Fi plan to get the carrier service.

Benefits of the Plan:

There are many benefits to this plan. Firstly, you will get the phone at a much cheaper rate. You don’t have to pay the entire amount at once, which is perfect for daily wage earners. 

If you don’t have more money with you, you can still enjoy using Pixel 4A. It is an excellent phone, so it is a win-win situation. You can enjoy a good camera, good audio, good display as well as a good processor.

As of now, Google offers only Pixel 4A with this plan, but later they might add other variants of the phone. So overall, it is a good deal.