Green Tech Accessories: Eco-Friendly Gadgets For Daily Use

Nowadays, you will get many alternatives to green technology accessories. You don’t have to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to buy these things.

These green accessories are affordable. They procure the materials from renewable resources. By using these products in your day to day life, you can promote the use of green technology.

Solar Products:

There are many accessories, and products made using solar power. Instead of consuming electricity, these products work entirely on solar energy. Here are a few examples.

Bamboo Solar Speaker: 

Bamboo Solar Speaker

This speaker consists of bamboo and works on solar power. Now, you will think that it is costly. But it is not true. You can get it for $70. It has a 15 hours battery life. It also works as a power bank for your phone.

Solar Bag:

Solar Bag

It is a waterproof solar bag which you can use to carry your book and laptop. The best thing about this bag is that it will charge your devices when you keep it inside it. It will cost you around $89.

Solar Charger:

Solar Charger

This charger helps you to charge the devices in your home. You don’t have to use electricity when you can charge devices for free. The battery capacity is 26,800mAh. It will cost you around $47.

Sustainable Products:

These products are  a part of sustainable materials. You can quickly dispose of these products. These are entirely eco-friendly products for your daily life. Here are a few examples.

Bluetooth Speaker:

Bluetooth Speaker

This Bluetooth speaker is made from fabric and silicone. You can use this speaker to play music. It is made from eco-friendly materials. You can easily recycle it. You can get it for $60.

Laptop Bag:

Laptop Bag

This thick laptop bag is made from recyclable materials. There is a lot of space in this bag. You can keep your laptop and all other accessories in it. It will cost you around $34.

Wooden Keyboard and Mouse:

Wooden Keyboard and Mouse

Now, you don’t have to use Plastic Keyboard or mouse. This special Keyboard is made of wood. It is very lightweight. There are no wires as well. You can connect it with Bluetooth and use it. There is a USB as well. You can recycle these products. It will cost you around $49.

Plant-Based Case:

Plant-Based Case

This mobile case is made from plant-based materials. There are different cases available for every phone type. You can also choose from various colours. Instead of using plastic covers, we can use these recyclable cases. It will cost you around $15.

Energy Efficient Accessories:

You can also use various energy-efficient accessories. They help you to save other resources. These accessories consume less power. Here are some examples.

Water Leak Sensor:

Water leak sensor

You can install this water leak sensor in your house to detect water leakages. It will help you to save water. However, it is smart products which you can control via your phone and voice. It will cost you around $19.

These are the green technology accessories you can use in your daily life. Some of these accessories are made for renewable resources while others help you to conserve energy.