Green Technology for Air Travel: Hybrid Electric and Fuel Aircraft

The biggest challenge every country is facing is air travel sustainability. We are already on the path of automobile sustainability, but air travel is a topic of debate. 

The aviation sector is a major contributor to greenhouse gases. In order to become carbon neutral by 2050, every country has to take some critical measures to control aviation carbon emission.

Scientists and researchers are constantly searching for green technology to make air travel sustainable. Unlike electric vehicles, we cannot use the battery to power the aircraft as it is too heavy.

However, we can certainly adopt the hybrid model to power aircraft. Hybrid fuel and electric aircraft is the key to make the aviation industry sustainable.

Aviation Industry:

Aviation is one of the biggest incomes generating industry. This industry alone generates billions every month. It also provides employment to millions of people.

However, there are many economic implications of this industry. Aircraft contribute to nearly 2% of greenhouse gas emissions. While the percentage might seem small, the impact on the environment is disastrous. 

Experts predict that air traffic is going to increase by 5% each year. If it continues to increase at such an alarming rate, there will be severe environmental issues.

During the pandemic, the aviation industry was severely impacted. There was a sudden drop in air traffic for months. It shows that making air travel sustainable is the only key to achieve the goal of being carbon neutral.

Green Tech Air Travel

Hybrid Electric and Fuel Aircraft:

Hybrid aircraft is the green technology which will help us achieve the target of net-zero carbon emission. It uses the same technology of hybrid cars. 

It is only a part of the solution. We have to go a long road before we develop a technology which is 100% carbon-free. 

Hybrid aircraft technology is a combination of an electric battery or hydrogen fuel cell with other fossil fuels.

Hybrid Aircraft = Battery + Fuel

Currently, we don’t have any such technology, but the scientist and researchers are working to develop hybrid aircraft. It will take a few years before we finally get our hands on this technology.

Benefits of Hybrid Aircraft:

While hybrid aircraft is only a part of the solution, it will be quite effective. It will reduce the usage of fossil fuels. It will reduce the environmental impact to some extent. This is how we started with green vehicles. Hybrid technology is the first step towards becoming carbon neutral. It will help us to develop a fully sustainable aircraft.

Another benefit of using hybrid aircraft is that it will balance the weight. As we know, electric batteries are very heavy. It will increase the weight of the aircraft, thereby making it unable to fly.

But with hybrid aircraft, fossil fuels will help to balance the weight issue, thereby making it easier for the aircraft to fly passengers from one place to another.

Airbus Company is planning to develop hydrogen fuel cells to power aircraft. Hydrogen has shown promising results in cars and trucks. In no time we will be able to fly in a plane which is powered by sustainable fuels.

Hybrid green technology is the first step in aviation sustainability. This green technology will open doors for the aviation industry to reduce carbon emission and help achieve the goal of carbon neutrality.