Green Technology Investment: Best Green Investment Opportunities in 2020

The green technology market is thriving!

The demand for green products and sustainable practices has increased considerably.

The green tech market is growing at a very faster rate. The market size is expected to reach $60 billion by 2030.

Biggest tech giants like Google and Facebook have already set their eyes on investment opportunities in this market. 

Recently Google has bought a huge stake in the smart home devices market.

The future is green, so it is best to take advantage of green investment opportunities.

It is not only profitable but good for the planet as well.

Green Tech Investment = Profit + Save Planet

There are various opportunities in this market. You can invest your money if different types of green projects, companies and stocks.

Green Investment Opportunities:

 You will be surprised to with the opportunities available in this market. Solar energy is not the only green project in the market. Each day, researches are coming up with new technologies and projects. You can invest in any of these technologies.

Green Tech Investment

Solar Energy:

It is the largest source of clean energy. Most of the people are demanding solar panel setup and solar power equipment to use this clean energy. It is the biggest green tech project. Most of the companies are using solar power for their operations. Moreover, you can invest your money in Sunrun, Vivint Solar, or Invesco.

Water Stocks:

You can also invest your money in water stocks. We are soon going to run out of clean water. Because of this, more and more companies are entering the water projects. You can invest in these stocks. They conduct research and search for new ways of harnessing clean water. You can invest in Invesco and First Trust stocks.

Wind Power:

After solar power, the wind is the second-largest energy source. This energy market has doubled over in just a few years. You can invest in wind energy projects and stocks. Moreover, some of the popular investment opportunities in wind power are General Electric and NextEra.

Green Transportation:

The automobile sector is going green. These companies are launching hybrid and fuel-efficient vehicles. Then there is another concept of green vehicles, where the vehicles work on hydrogen fuel cell and electric battery. You can invest in green transportation companies like Tesla, FuelCell Energy and Ballard Power.

Green Investment

Pollution Control:

It is not only important to use green power but to cut down the waste and pollution as well. Green power and pollution control go hand in hand. There are many corporations who are working really hard to cut down greenhouse gas emission and control pollution. Some of the pollution control investment opportunities are Fuel-Tech and Invesco.

Waste Reduction:

There are various companies who are working towards reducing waste products. These companies are using technology to recycle waste materials and to reuse them. Some of the waste reduction projects are Covanta, Waste Management and Republic Services.


This is another source of energy. Corporations are using heat energy from the earth to produce electricity. Ormat Technologies is the best option for investment in this field.

These are some of the best green technology investment opportunities in 2020. Moreover, you can invest in any of these projects to make a profit out of your investment and to save the earth.