Grow Your Small Business With Local Business Marketing Techniques

Do you know that 97% of people learn about a local business through the internet? In fact, 88% of searches result in a call or direct visit to the business. Also, this is the power of local business marketing. This guidebook will break down the myths and provide helpful strategies to get you started.

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What is Local Marketing?

If you have a small business and are location-based, you must add local business marketing to your arsenal. Local marketing targets local consumers in the business’s location. It can work for any brand that has a physical address. Defining the buyer’s persona will help you understand your target audience better.

What is Plumber Marketing?

Plumber marketing is another way to promote your local services and attract more customers to your business. It includes digital marketing campaigns and market research to understand your business’s ideal audience.

Plumber Digital Marketing

Some companies partner with influencers to increase their social reach and grow prospective customers. Your local small business can gain many benefits from plumber marketing because it:

  • Improves customer perception
  • Attracts a new audience
  • Builds brand authenticity
  • It helps to grow online reviews
  • Develops online credibility and presence
  • Keeps old and new customers informed about your services

Use The Power of Local Business Marketing

Start with a free listing on Google

How will new customers find you? Don’t just rely on word of mouth and print ads. 97% of consumers search the internet for a local business. Potential customers trust positive online reviews. That is why you need to make a solid online presence through local business marketing.

Searching Google

Make sure your business is listed on Google, where people can search for you quickly. A Google listing makes it easier for users to find your business, and it must include your address, phone number, directions, opening hours, and a link to your website.

In addition, you can add photos to give people a better idea of your products and services. Customers can also add images and reviews for other people to see, significantly impacting your success.

Start blogging

Understanding the basic principles of SEO and how people use the Internet to find local businesses will increase your chances of being ranked on top of search results. Blogging boosts your plumber marketing tremendously.

Person blogging

More website traffic means more leads, and more leads equal increased profits. Publishing blog posts will update your website more frequently with fresh content and relevant keywords. Potential customers search keywords when browsing online.

Establish a steady group of readers who visit your website regularly. Local business marketing helps to convert them.

Join a local group

Local businesses must remain active in their communities. Joining local groups helps you stay connected with residents and other business owners. Attending local networking events is so worth it!

These events expose your brand to other businesses, and if your competitors are also a part of the group, it is even more reason to be there.

For example, let’s say you have a clothing store and a local event needs some attire. Rather than ordering online and waiting for days, they can use your services. That is the power of local business marketing.! The whole idea behind joining is to support local brands.

Use third-party websites and directories

Various review sites highlight local businesses and educate the local audience on where to shop. As a local business owner, don’t miss out on this valuable traffic. Third-party websites are essential for SEO and local business marketing as they establish your online image.


The most crucial listing is Google My Business, now known as Google Business Profile. This will help your business pop up when people search for your name, products, services, and industry.

Setting up these listings legitimizes your online presence and improves your ranking in search results. Most importantly, they are the fuel for marketing and today’s most vital strategy by far.

Optimize social pages

Social media marketing is also a critical aspect of plumber marketing. Like your website, your social media pages must be localized and optimized. Provide up-to-date information on your business’s location, contact details, and store opening hours.

Furthermore, this means maintaining an active social media account because it revolves around communication, not reputation management.

Add relevant local info using Wikipedia

Crafting local pages efficiently is more of an art. Other than clarity and design, the relevance of content on pages is also significant. Linking to relevant local information is crucial when you are associated with Google locally.

Discuss your history in the city, your involvement in the community, and things to do in your area. This information is beneficial and helps you connect with your searcher.

Encourage positive engagement and reviews

Local business marketing is very much dependent on word of mouth online, and online reviews mean a lot. Encourage your satisfied, loyal customers to leave positive reviews about your business on Google Reviews, Facebook, or elsewhere.

Person using cellphone

You can also incentivize them to post positive reviews and get discounts or giveaways in return. Spend time responding to the reviews and be sincere. Users are turned off when they feel ignored.

Always respond to people with authenticity, humility, and honesty. Take negative reviews as a lesson and improve your service accordingly.

Local email marketing lists

Local searches lead 50% of users to visit the store when they receive an update or email about your discount offer. Email marketing costs the least and benefits you the most. All you need is valuable email addresses through your sign-up page.

To get more email subscribers, you can use a number of little hacks and tricks. By offering a valuable lead magnet, for instance, potential customers are enticed to give you their addresses.

Unfortunately, there is nothing in the email address that will tell you where the user is located. There are many email-gathering techniques you can use through location filters. The most uncomplicated process is the sign-up sheet in your store.

Ideally, register every customer that comes to your booth or sponsored events. Interested customers can see it and sign up to receive updates.

“Think Global to Grow Local”

Local business marketing is a must-have strategy if your business attracts a local audience and has several service areas! You can’t afford to fall below your competition. Take a look at your current marketing strategies and ask yourself if they are generating the desired results.

shaking hands

Go through the above list and prioritize these tactics according to the needs of your business. When it comes to optimizing digital marketing for a local audience, there is a lot you can do for your business.

Setting up an optimized website, localizing social pages, establishing a Google My Business listing, and many more places are good start. Spend quality time engaging your local audience online and offline.

Respond to reviews and organize local community events to increase your business visibility and create a stronger bond with your audience. Running a local business that relies on local engagement needs to improve local business marketing!

All the tactics given above are affordable, easy, and effective. Use them and see what kind of splash your business can make!

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