Guide for Building a Perfect Law Firm Website

Having a website that immediately appeals to a potential client is essential for any law firm. For many, the internet will be their first point of research for any kind of legal service. You need to make sure your expertise is on display in your content, your website is visually pleasing, and it’s easy for any potential client to contact you.

There are many moving parts when it comes to digital marketing for law firms and when they all work together, you get to see excellent results. We’ve put together a simple guide to building the perfect law firm website.

Keeping Branding Consistent

Brand recognition both online and offline all comes down to having a solid branding style. If your brand is visually appealing and relevant to your legal practice, you’ll be building a client base in your local area in no time. Make sure your logo is present on every page of your website, usually as a part of a toolbar and on any graphics or video content you may use.

Brand colors are also significant to get right. Make sure you have a set group of three distinct colors you can apply to website features like call-to-action text and clickable buttons. Make sure the background color of your website contrasts and compliments your text copy, so it’s easy to read.

Bad or good text copyd-text-copy
Examples of good and bad text color when contrasted with the background-color

Selecting the Right Images

Appearing a professional should be at the top of your priorities. Make sure the images used on your website are of high quality and are relevant to your practice. For example, if you have headshots of yourself and your colleagues, then make sure the photos are taken in good lighting conditions and everyone’s faces are visible and in focus. Ensuring quality images across every page of your website builds trust with clients, which is a must when they consider your firm for legal representation.

Be aware that while you want to ensure quality images, they’re of good file size. If the files on your page are too big, they can slow your site down and hinder the user experience. Usually, a JPEG file that’s under 1MB in terms of size will still offer you an excellent quality image without slowing your page down.

Demonstrating Your Expertise

Your specialty in the law industry should be evident to anyone visiting your website. Whether you’re a criminal defense attorney, real estate law firm, or family lawyer, your website copy should establish trust and credibility. This should be especially apparent on your About and Services pages, where you will demonstrate your expertise.

An About page is excellent for detailing history in your specialism and listing any awards or achievements you have. And also any of the employees in your firm have earned in their field. A bit of law jargon can help but don’t use too much to confuse any potential clients. In contrast, your Services page should explain precisely what you offer in a tone of voice that’s authoritative but easy to understand.

It may seem like common sense, but even the best law firm website copy can deter clients with spelling and grammar mistakes. So be sure to check over any written content or hire a copywriter to ensure clarity and quality copy.

Sharing Testimonials

Sharing testimonials

Speaking of building trust, sharing client testimonials is a simple way to give your law firm even more credibility. Firstly you’ll need to create a collection of testimonials. Reach out to some of your clients you’ve had good experiences with, either by phone or email, and ask if they could write a few words on how your firm was able to support them for legal advice. It’s a good idea to give them some prompts on writing a testimonial, such as:

  • How was our firm suited for your legal situation?
  • What part of our services helped you the most?
  • How was contact between the firm and yourself?
  • Would you recommend our firm to others?

Once you have a good selection of testimonials, build a page on your website highlighting some of them and link it from your homepage. Also, place testimonials on some of your most popular landing pages to further build your law firm as a successful authority in your field. Content management systems like WordPress make adding testimonials to your site easy as pie through their built-in Testimonial feature.

Make Your Contact Forms Simple

Contact forms

So you’ve got an excellent law firm website that’s getting a lot of visitors. But how are you going to convert those visitors into clients? Having a simple and easy-to-understand contact form can be so easy to overlook but getting it right is essential to generating leads. You need four fundamental components to your contact form for your website visitor to fill out:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Brief Message
  • Clickable call-to-action button

Label your call-to-action button Send Message or Submit with a color that stands out from the background and is easily identifiable as a clickable part of the website (Give the surrounding box a thick outline or a shadow to make this clear)

Your Website Should Constantly Be Evolving

These are some of the fundamental components to building your perfect law firm website that’s similar to what Florin Roebig has. Keep your eyes on your competition and the current market of your law specialty. Your website will need to match current trends or improve upon the user experience as time goes on. As long as you incorporate these fundamentals into your website, you’re sure to build a website that suits your legal practice and makes your client base.

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