Hire PHP Developers in 2022: Key Points and Platforms to Keep in Mind

PHP has gained popularity as a robust and reliable technology for creating websites and web applications with ease. And, if you plan to run a profitable business and have the proper technical support, hiring a developer proficient in PHP can help you build a unique web solution for your business.

Here are the things you should look out for when hiring a PHP developer:

Hiring process

Hiring process

When looking to hire programmers for your web development project, decide the requirements first and then proceed further. Before making a hiring decision, you should clearly understand the project requirements, features, success criteria, technology stack, etc.

While you can always choose a freelancer who is less expensive than an in-house employee, their services might not always be what you are looking for. You can also hire from a web development company or a talent acquisition and recruitment company, if you have time or budget constraints.

Moreover, you will also be able to choose a whole team to work on your project, making it more reliable and secure.

Work experience

Make sure you vet developers according to their experience level before deciding to hire them. Screening applicants will take time and effort since hiring someone without the right skills to do the job creates more work for everyone in the long run.

An inexperienced developer will require extra attention and direction, or worse, may introduce errors that will have to be fixed later by another developer, a costly proposition for your business. Also, ensure that the developers are up-to-date with the latest tools and information necessary for developing successful web applications.

Technical knowledge and portfolio

Person in front of screen codes

A good developer must have strong technical knowledge of PHP and its features. They must also keep up-to-date with new tools, frameworks, and best practices. If your looking for a skilled professional, then knowledge of AJAX, MySQL, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, and other related technologies is necessary.

A great developer understands what businesses need from their applications and builds them accordingly.

Also, consult the portfolio of every potential developer you interview, and research each one’s previous experiences before deciding who to hire.

Communication skills

People brainstorming

Communication skills are vital to a team project’s success. They are necessary to understand project goals, resolve problems, and explain how your contribution is connected to the project. Teamwork cannot be effectively managed without effective communication between those involved in the project.

The developers you hire might be wizards at coding, but if they can not effectively communicate with anyone, it would hinder the project.

So, find a developer who is as skilled in communication as in coding.

Where to hire the right developers?

PHP experts are available in abundance. However, you need to look far beyond your usual method to find the right one. You can leverage job boards such as Indeed, Naukri, etc., to post your job requirements and hire the best candidate. You can also try social platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook to search for talented candidates.

Developer platforms like Stack Overflow, Reddit, Github, etc., can also be used for finding excellent software talent.

However, one of the most successful techniques best suited for these modern times is hiring through recruitment agencies to save both time and resources. These platforms help you source, vet, and hire software developers quickly and efficiently.


PHP development is crucial to every company vying to establish its footing in the ever-changing technological world. To stay relevant to the current trends and attract more customers, companies need a compelling website and equally engaging user experience.

It is important to hire highly skilled and dedicated PHP developers capable of delivering the right solutions for your business needs. Hence, while hiring these developers, ask the right questions about PHP development.

Select the right platform or an outsourcing company that understands your requirements and provides you with the right developers.