How Apps Have Changed Our Everyday Lives

Technology is currently changing to make our lives quicker and easier. All the mundane tasks that used to mean having to take a trip to the bank or the doctor can now be completed within a few taps.

One thing we always seem to be short on is time but using apps can make everything a lot simpler. This leaves more time for the fun things to do in life – and even our downtime is made easier by using apps!

We can use apps to do anything and everything from when we need to make a payment or change an item on our shopping list. Almost every industry is now accessible through an app of some kind.

Let’s take a look into what sectors have benefited from using apps and what those benefits are.

Industries that have been changed by apps

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One of the biggest time savers when it comes to apps is banking. We used to have to sacrifice a lunch break or part of our weekends to go and pay bills or set up payments. This cuts into our precious downtime and used to mean that we would put these vital tasks off.

Now, we can do almost every banking task from an app on our phones. You can even pay a cheque via your banking app, saving you from the long and arduous queues at the bank.


Another task that used to involve sitting in a phone queue or even a physical queue at the doctor’s office has now been eradicated. Most doctors can now be contacted via an app, whether it’s a routine check-up or a more pressing issue.

This saves us valuable time as well as makes it a lot less stressful process.

Social media

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Social media apps mean it’s now easier than ever to keep in touch with loved ones, even if you’re abroad. You can update your friends whilst you’re away and make them jealous with idyllic holiday snaps.

You don’t have to miss out on anything that’s going on in the world so you don’t feel out of the loop.


Playing games online is one of the world’s favourite pastimes and it’s now even easier to play. Whether you’re waiting for a train or just chilling out on the sofa, you can now access all your favourite games from your phone.

Many games including casino games are now typically accessed and played via a smartphone. The ability to access games instantly with an internet connection has encouraged more people to opt to play more mobile games.

Those who wish to play games on a mobile casino app now also have various payment options available, such as PayPal. Many players can now pay for casino games via PayPal, this way they are using both a mobile app for their casino games and a mobile app to log into PayPal gaining instant access.

Movies and TV

Netflix app

Commutes can be boring and tedious, so we need some way to pass the time. Using a movie or TV app means that you can watch all your favourite shows or films whilst you’re away from your laptop. You can kill time whilst keeping up to date with every show you love.

Benefits of using apps

Person using smartphone

Ease of access

One thing you can guarantee is that you’ll have your phone with you pretty much all the time. It’s our alarm in the morning and tells us when we need to go to sleep at night. This means that we always have access to our apps and therefore any information we need.

There’s no need to get a laptop out and sign into any accounts, you can simply tap a few times on your phone and you can access the information you need.

Easy to update

Word update

Most of our apps are set to update automatically so we don’t even need to do anything. Most of the time we’ll need to be connected to a Wi-Fi source if you don’t have a big data bundle but this can be done overnight.

There’s no need to wait for things to update and then wait again for a reboot. Apps will update without us even realizing it needed doing.

All your info is stored in one place

Having an app for anything means that all of your data and information is stored in one place. We don’t have to go trawling through in search of the information we need, it’s there right in front of us.

This is especially handy when using banking or healthcare apps as we often need this information when we’re out and about.

More secure

Word security

Smartphones are getting smarter all the time. One great benefit to this is the use of biosecurity. We can now choose our fingerprints or our faces as a way of unlocking our phones as well as signing into apps.

This means that we are the only ones who can access them, giving us an extra layer of security. Using Face ID means that apps such as banking and health apps can only be accessed by us, giving us peace of mind that our data is safe.

Final thoughts

Apps have changed every part of our lives for the better. There’s never been such ease of access to the necessities in your life while you’re out of the house. Entertainment is never far away either!

There’s no need to be bored when you have your favourite gaming app right there on your phone ready to play.