How to Сhoose the Perfect Hosting for Joomla CMS Sites

Joomla is a widespread content management system with a lot of features suitable for various tasks. This is especially efficient if you are going to run a website that contains a lot of content.

Moreover, you can use it efficiently even without extensive technical expertise in corresponding areas, which is advantageous if you are new to this area. Joomla contains all the features that are supposed to be in modern CMSs. Thus, creating a site on Joomla is very likely to be a good idea.

But in addition to it, you also have to take care of the hosting solution you are going to run it on. That is what we are going to dedicate the today’s article.

But before going to the criteria that can help you determine whether this or that offer is good enough for your website, let’s have a look at what Joomla CMS is and what benefits it provides for your website.

The advantages of Joomla

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Free to use

Probably the most obvious advantage of any free software is that it is in fact free, so you have one expenditure less and hence one less problem to take care of whenever you opt for Joomla.

More than that, Joomla is also an open-source solution and is very popular. When an open-source solution is popular, it means that it has a vast community of volunteering developers that constantly improve it, fix bugs, and create patches and add-ons, as well as other enthusiastic users that are eager to help other users solve any issues.

Thus, by choosing Joomla, you are not only saving money but also receiving guaranteed support.

Perfect for e-commerce

eCommerce website

If you are going to create an e-commerce website, then you’ll certainly benefit from the following feature provided in Joomla CMS which is a great variety of shopping cart extensions, that enable you to configure your e-commerce website just as you see fit.

There is a broad variety of customization options, free and premium templates with all designs imaginable, the possibility of adding the CAPTCHA features to protect your website from spam bots, as well as the possibility to back up your store in order to ensure your data’s safety.

PHP support

Joomla CMS supports PHP which is a great benefit for the development of your site since PHP greatly facilitates adding new features to your site, so you and your development team don’t have to waste time on writing long lines of code.

In addition to that, PHP allows for better database integration and its own memory, which can reduce the load on your server, improving its performance.

There are many more cool features of Joomla, but discussing all of them would require about three more articles. But we think that the above-mentioned ones are already great enough, so let’s just proceed to the aspects of a good Joomla CMS hosting.

What do you have to keep an eye on when looking for a Joomla hosting provider?

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The first you have to check is whether the hosting package you are looking for supports Apache, PHP, and MySQL. Also, ask the hosting provider about the version of Joomla offered by them, and whether they offer the latest version available to provide you with all the newest features and bugs fixed.

Installation process

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It’s always a good idea to wonder how the CMS is to be installed. If you feel very confident about your technical skills, you can not worry much about it, but if not, then you’ll have to make sure that the hosting provider offers the automatic installation for Joomla.

Support of multiple domains and databases

To provide for better efficiency of your whole CMS’s operation, check whether multiple databases and domains are supported. This may come in handy, especially if you are going to deal with multiple test sites or regular sites. This cannot run very smoothly if you are dealing with one database only.

Technical support

Customer support

Troubles can occur at any time, and if they do, it’s best if they are solved as fast as possible. For this, you’d better look for a provider that offers a professional support team available 24/7.


Another key component of your website on Joomla CMS is reliability. Choose the hosting provider carefully. Don’t forget about their reviews. Make sure that their servers do not drop when they are most needed. If this is the case, you’d better find a hosting provider with a more reliable infrastructure.


If you are going to choose Joomla as a CMS for your website, it’s a good choice, as you have seen from the article. We hope that that latter has also made it clear to you, what you should keep in mind when looking for a Joomla CMS hosting provider.

We wish, that you’ll succeed in this task, but if you want our personal recommendation, Hostzealot Server Hosting might be exactly what you need. Thank you for your attention and have a nice day!

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