How to Select a CRM System: The Complete Guide for Businesses

In an increasingly online world, 76% of consumers choose convenience over anything else. But how can you ensure you’re giving your shoppers a convenient experience? A CRM system is the answer.

CRM systems help you understand what customers are looking for when they make a purchase and measure whether your company meets their expectations. You can track your customer’s preferences so you can improve sales. Here’s how to select a CRM system that will help you grow your business.


Decide Whether You Need CRM Software

If you’re a new company, you might not need a fancy CRM tool. But if your customers are flooding in faster than you can count, it wouldn’t hurt to look into your options for CRM software.

Any business that’s serious about building relationships with its clientele should reach out to a CRM system provider. They’ll help you manage customer details more efficiently. You can also use CRM tools to eliminate boring tasks that keep your employees from doing meaningful work, such as sending emails or making phone calls.

You’ll also be able to see how well your marketing campaigns are doing. Then, you can tailor your advertising to include content your audience enjoys.

Know What CRM Software Features You Need

Let’s say your company mainly sells products online and doesn’t have many brick-and-mortar locations. Having a location feature may not be as important as other functionality, such as tracking sales leads or managing customer accounts.

Here are some examples of common CRM functions that small businesses might need:

  • Softphone
  • Lead generation
  • Sales pipeline management (managing deals at different stages)
  • Customer Support Ticketing System

Features like lead generation and pipeline management will help you increase sales by making it easier for salespeople to follow up with inquiries. You can also read the details on softphone in Salesforce to determine whether this feature would help you chase down leads more effectively.

Online shopping

Understand Your Budget

The cost of CRM systems varies depending on the size of the business and the software used, but they typically fall between $10 and $1,000 per user per month. For example, Salesforce starts at $25/user/month.

Remember to consider other expenses associated with implementing a new system. Include employee training and hiring an outside consultant in your budget.

When you’re trying to determine whether investing in a CRM system is worth it, consider the cost of your time. If you spend hours each day manually tracking and documenting sales leads, you can recoup some of that time with a CRM system.

Select a CRM System That Works for Your Business

When you select a CRM system, make sure the software has all the features you need to satisfy your customers. Tools like Salesforce and Zoho are popular options because they offer a variety of tools, including online customer support chatbots and email marketing.

Whatever you choose, make sure the software addresses any weaknesses in your business. To find what’s missing in your company, explore our business section and get the inside scoop on how to boost your company’s success.

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