HTML File to PDF: A Brief Guide

Can you believe that we are approaching 2 billion sites on the internet?

Many of these sites are built using HTML. This kind of code is better turned into a PDF if you want to share certain pages with others.

Are you stumped on what’s involved in the process? Keep reading to learn how to change an HTML file to a PDF with this brief guide.

Ways to Convert HTML to PDF

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One of the quickest and easiest ways to turn your HTM file into a PDF is by installing the Adobe Acrobat extension onto your browser. You can even download it to your desktop if you prefer.

First, you’ll need to open the page in your browser. From there, you should hit the “Convert to PDF” option that’s located in Acrobat’s toolbar.

The only other thing you’d need to do is name the file and choose where you want it saved. You can either put your PDFs together in the same folder or spread them out according to whatever project they’re a part of.

Keep in mind that, without the browser extension, you’ll need different instructions. On the computer program, you should click “Tools,” “Create PDF,” then “Webpage.” After locating the file, you can decide how much of the HTML site you’d like converted.

The more website levels you convert, the more storage it’ll take up. This is why it’s worth taking the time to decide which pages you want to be converted instead of doing all or most of the site.

If the site doesn’t use HTML, you should look at your c# pdf library.

Why PDF Conversion Is Worth the Effort

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Few people besides website designers enjoy reading text in an HTML format. This is almost like another language with plenty of symbols to give you a headache. Instead of keeping it that way, PDF files make things much cleaner and easier to read.

That way, you can present one or more web pages to your friends, coworkers, or others. Plus, you can save your important content without losing the links.

Other uses include gathering up the images on webpages for a lookbook. The PDF format ensures that the images won’t be reduced in quality. Since order confirmations and other receipts are often digital these days, you can save and share them with ease when you convert websites to PDFs.

Are You Ready to Change an HTML File to a PDF?

Now that you’ve learned how to change an HTML file to a PDF, you can do it again and again to your heart’s content. Be sure to let your friends and family members know how easy it is to do, too.

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