Indian Remains Behind in Green Tech and Clean Energy Race Due to Cultural Beliefs

India is the third-largest carbon emitter with 7% of total carbon emission as per the reports. China ranks number one, followed by the USA.

These three countries are responsible for emitting 50% of the total carbon in the environment. 

While China and the USA are making quick decisions and policies to cut down their carbon emission, India is far behind the race.

China has taken a pledge to become carbon neutral by 2060. US president Joe Biden has taken measures to become carbon neutral by 2050.

India is yet to take any action regarding climate change. Under the Paris, Agreement India has made three goals to reduce the emission. 

However, these goals are very difficult to achieve, considering the cultural beliefs of Indian people.

Clean Energy Problem:

The rural population in India is still using firewood for cooking food. While the big corporations are taking strong actions to reduce their carbon footprints, the rural population is creating a hindrance to achieve the goals.

In the month of October, India’s biggest IT Company Infosys, become carbon neutral. While it is a good thing, just one company’s efforts won’t make India carbon neutral.

India is far behind the green technology and clean energy race. As people are sceptical about using modern technology and cleaner fuels.

They have strong cultural beliefs against using LPG for cooking food. Rural women are high on using firewood for cooking food.

Unless we change our cultural beliefs and use clean energy for cooking food and other chores of life. We will remain behind in the race.

Why Indians Prefer Using Firewood?

There are many reasons why Indians prefer using firewood over LPG to cook food. Out of all the reasons, the biggest is their cultural beliefs.

Cultural Beliefs:

Women are the primary cooks in Indian families. They are the one who cooks food for the family. However, they have a strong cultural belief that the food prepared on firewood is healthier and tastier. Because of these reasons, they still prefer cooking with firewood.

Healthy Food: 

Indian people believe that the smoke from firewood cleans the eye, thereby making the eyesight strong. They also believe that carrying a heavy load of firewood keeps them fit. According to them, the food is healthy as there is no gas in it.

Tastier Food: 

They also believe that the food made on firewood is tastier. The food you cook with firewood gets a smokier flavour which makes the food tastier.

Cheap and Affordable:

Another reason why Indians use firewood is that it is cheap and affordable. They simply go to the forest and collect wood to cook food. They don’t have to pay money to buy LPG gas.

Lack of Awareness:

They also use firewood on a large scale because they are not aware of the health issues it causes. They are also not aware of the environmental damage it causes.

Green Tech Future in India:

Even though some of the rural villages are still using firewood for cooking food, many people have started using LPG.

As the climate change problem is getting bigger, people are becoming more aware. Indian companies are taking efforts to fight climate change. 

People are becoming more aware. However, rural Indians need to know about the harmful effects of cooking food on firewood to boost clean energy use. 

The future will be green for Indian only if people are aware. And start using cleaner fuels and green technology at the household level.