4 KPI Measurement Tools to Help Entrepreneurs: Keep Your Small Business Growing

Key Performance Indicator is a metric that can help you when it comes to an understanding of how you work concerning your strategic goals.

When measuring KPI, you have insight into data that classical business process measurements would not otherwise show. It is an insight into values that guide how successful a company is in achieving key business goals.

In short, by looking at the data that this measurement provides. We can say that each manager has clear and precise indicators of which business processes are not working. But also what you have to change when it comes to processes or people. And most importantly, then you can remove all interferences.

All of this is very easy to achieve today and perform the above measurements. Simply because you can find many tools to help you with this.

Today, we will present to you a couple of them.

1. Salesforce


Among the most popular tools for this type of measurement, there is Salesforce.

As can be seen, when visiting their website, they offer many opportunities. Even including marketing, sales, commerce, customer service, and app building.

However, if you choose this tool, you will have the opportunity to create your dashboard for your business the way you want. Over 150,000 companies have opted to grow their business using Salesforce.

In addition to the free trial, this tool also offers various packages with many advanced features. All of this depending on what you choose from everything it has to offer. On top of that, you can always go a step further and hire Salesforce consulting company.

2. Tableau


Tableau will surely, with the help of data, help you understand what you need to change. This tool displays visually appealing to every eye and, on the other hand, valuable data. Keeping track of your work through this tool offers you many templates that you can take advantage of.

There are many features that it can boast of. However, what sets it apart is the real-time data blending option. Also, this will have perfect insight into the state of your business.

A free trial period is available, and many features within the packages that come with payment.

3. Asana


Another handy tool to help you understand how projects are progressing and whether or not you are achieving your goals is Asana.

The model offered by this tool allows you to have in one place everything that a team, of any size or complexity, needs to be synchronized. Accurate in time and to reach the set goals.

With the help of dashboards and beautiful visual displays Asana offers, you will see all the data you are interested in regarding the KPI tracking system.

4. Geckoboard


An indispensable tool when it comes to KPI is Geckoboard. You can design the dashboard for yourself however you want while the interface is so simple. You can easily share with others what you have created and display that content wherever you want.

Even including a TV, which is a great feature for companies. We have to point out that this tool integrates with all of the most popular business software.


There are many different KPIs used to measure success. Cash flow forecasting, Website traffic indicators, Paid digital marketing, Paid digital marketing are just some of them. But we assure you that there are many more out there.

The above Key Performance Indicator tools provide necessary business information. But also, show where you are if we consider your organizational goals. By measuring or monitoring the above, you lead the business to the set goals and survival in today’s competitive environment when it is challenging.