Leaders In The Global Smartphone Technology Market 2020

Do you ever wonder which smartphone brand or company is dominating the global tech market in 2020? 

Most of the people either go with Apple or Samsung, on the basis of popularity and leadership. However, the actual statistics will blow your mind. 

We are going to cover different aspects of the global personal technology market and show you all the leaders in each category.

Global Smartphone Market:

First, we will cover the global smartphone market. Earlier Samsung was the most dominant company, but ever since Chinese companies entered the market, their share has fallen tremendously. Here are the biggest smartphone selling companies on the basis of global shipments.

  • Huawei: Huawei is the top smartphone selling company in 2020. They cover a 20% share in the entire global market. Most of the sales come from China, where they dominate a 46% market share.
  • Samsung: The next top company after Huawei is Samsung. They also cover 20% of the global smartphone market share. It is a tie, but as Huawei is a fairly new company, they hold the first position.
  • Apple: Apple makes up nearly 14% of the total market share.
  • Xiaomi: This is another Chines smartphone manufacturing company. They have a 10% share in the market.
  • Oppo: Oppo holds nearly 9% of the market share in the global smartphone market.
  • Vivo: This Company makes up to 8% of the market share.
  • Lenovo: Lenovo’s market share is only 3%.
  • Other Brands: Various other smartphone brands make up to 16% of the market share.
Global Smartphone Market

Mobile Operating Systems:

When it comes to mobile operating systems, people know only about iOS and Android. However, there are few other operating systems as well.

  • Android: Android is the market leader in terms of the operating system. More than 2.5 billion devices run on this operating system. Their market share is 74%. Huawei phone no longer uses Android. Instead, they work on their own Harmony operating system.
  • iOS: After Android, iOS dominates the world market in terms of the operating system. Their global market share is 25%, but the US market share is 60%.
  • Samsung: This operating system is not very popular. It holds 0.2% market share.
  • KaiOS: This operating system makes up only 0.1% market share.

Application Processors:

It is nothing but the processor we use in smartphones and other devices. As we know, every smartphone needs a processor to work. It is like a CPU. The better the processor, the better the performance.

  • Qualcomm: Qualcomm is the best application processor. Snapdragon processor is used in almost every android phone. Their market share is 29%. After the discontinuation of Huawei phones, the market share has fallen down.
  • Mediatek: It powers most of the tablets. Their market share is 26%.
  • Hisilicon: This Company makes up 16% share in the processor’s market share.
  • Apple: All the iPhones and Apple devices work on this processor. It holds a 13% share.
  • Samsung: It makes up to 13% share the same as Apple.
  • Unisoc: This Company holds nearly 3% of global market share in terms of processors.

These are the top companies or biggest brands in the global smartphone and personal technology market. There is cut-throat competition in the field of technology. 

Even a few years can make a huge difference in the market share. Companies like Huawei and Xiaomi are fairly new but still hold the top position. Only those companies will survive who will provide the best innovative technology at an affordable price.