MagSafe Wireless Charger for iPhone 12 Models

Wireless charging is the new trend, and Apple is at the top of this trend with a new MagSafe charger.

MagSafe is Apple’s new wireless charger. This charger is specially designed for iPhones. It is a circular charger with a cord. There are magnets in this charger which attaches itself on the back of the iPhone cover. 

You can use this charger to increase the charging speed of the iPhone 12 models. It provides fast-charging up to 15W. It is compatible with Qi charging. You can use it to charge your iPhone 8 and all the later models of iPhone. It also works with AirPods model. 

However, you can only enjoy the magnetic charge feature with iPhone 12 models. 

How to Use It?

It is very easy to use a MagSafe charger to charge your iPhone 12. First, you need to charge this charger. It comes with a cord. You have to connect it with a USB-C connector. 

Now, you have to connect it with Apple USB-C power adapter. It will get 20 W or greater charge with it. You can also connect it with any other third-party charger. 

If you don’t have any other charger, you can connect the cord to your Mac or Pc to charge it. When you charge it, you need to keep the charger face up. There should be no metal objects under it or around it.

Once it is done, you can keep your iPhone on top of the charge to charge it. The power might vary as per the power adapter and any other activity.

This charger will deliver optimum charging to the iPhone 12 models. You need to plug in the power source and keep your phone is changing. If you forget to do so, you can remove your phone, power the charger and then keep it on it.

Magsafe Charger

MagSafe Charger and iPhone 12 Mini:

There is a huge controversy related to the MagSafe charger and iPhone 12 Mini. Although Apple claims that this charger supplies 15W power to charge iPhone 12, it is different for the iPhone 12 Mini.

If you use this charger to charge iPhone 12 Mini, it will deliver only 12W charging power. It is because the model is designed for maximum 12 W charging speed. No matter how powerful adapter you use to charge MagSafe, it will not be enough for iPhone 12 Mini.

The MagSafe charger is not really useful for charging an iPhone 12 Mini. So you if you have this phone, your investment in this charger will be a waste. Along with the charger, you also need to use a charging case. 

MagSafe Charger Price:

If you are planning to buy Apple’s new MagSafe charger, it will cost you around $39. You also need a charging case to charge your iPhone 12. It will cost you around, 60$ to 70$. If you don’t have a power adapter, you need to purchase it as well. The price is $19. So in all, you need to spend around $130 just to enjoy faster wireless charging.

If you don’t want to spend, so much money, you can simply use your old power adapter or any other third-party adapter to charge your phone. However, the charging speed will be slow. 

The MagSafe charger is good for other iPhone 12 models other than iPhone 12 Mini. If you are in a rush, it will help yo9ut to charge your phone in minutes.