How to Set up the Ultimate Gaming Room

The video game industry is bigger than ever, with data showing that at least 65% of US adults play video games on a regular basis.

But what’s the point of playing all of those great games if you don’t have the perfect gaming room to go along with it? The right atmosphere amplifies your gaming experience to truly immerse you in the action.

Ready to find out how you can create the perfect experience? Then keep reading as we break down the essential steps to consider when building your game room!

Buy Plenty of Storage

Media storage

Although many gamers now purchase and download new games from their favorite storefront, odds are you have some old consoles and games lying around. You might also be someone who has plenty of cool collectibles to show off.

Whatever the case, proper storage is a must.

For starters, storage keeps your games neat and tidy, so you’ll never have to rummage around for your favorite game again.

Likewise, entertainment centers are a great place to put your consoles or PC, so they’re off the floor. Otherwise, your gaming rig will collect dust and possibly even bugs.

Get the Right Setup

Now that you have a bunch of extra floor space, it’s time to add some gaming room decor that fits your style, starting with the perfect desk.

Admittedly, gaming furniture is more expensive than it needs to be. Often, for no other reason than branding.

Rest assured, however, you can get a great desk at your favorite office supply store, or even on Amazon. The right desk should have enough space for your PC/console, monitor, keyboard, and mouse if needed, plus plenty of room left over.

The same can be said of gaming chairs. You don’t have to overspend. As long as it has lumbar support, and you find it comfortable, you can find a chair for as little as $70-$100.

Keep It Cool

Gaming PC interior

Marathon gaming sessions are a blast, but they also heat up your room. Not only is this heat uncomfortable, but consoles left on too long can overheat, leading to performance issues or even hardware failure.

Give your consoles and PC plenty of ventilation space to account for circulation.

It’s not a bad idea to invest in a tiny fan, either, if for no other reason than to keep yourself comfortable while gaming.

Leave Room for Multiplayer

A game room is best when there’s plenty of space for friends and family. As you’re figuring out how to set up a gaming room, leave space in your budget for an extra controller or two.

If you’re someone who plays a lot of local multiplayer games, like Mario Kart or Don’t Starve (speaking of which, check out some awesome Don’t Starve Together tips here), you may even want to buy a small couch instead of a gaming chair.

Build the Gaming Room of Your Dreams

We hope you understand a bit more about what goes into building a great gaming room. Ultimately, it’s all about comfort and taking care of your gaming treasures. Don’t forget to invite some friends over to join the fun, too!

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