Signs You Need a New iPhone Battery

Did you know that there are an estimated 900 million active iPhone users worldwide? iPhones are some of the best mobile devices on the market, but one thing to keep an eye on if you want the best performance is your iPhone battery’s health. There are many signs that your phone battery is starting to run out of juice but it is easy to miss them.

You’ll start to notice that your iPhone battery life isn’t what it used to be when you first purchased your phone. A phone battery dying quickly is one of the clear signs that you need phone battery repair.

The good news is you’re in the perfect place to learn all about the signs that your iPhone battery is going bad and needs to be replaced. Keep reading this article to learn more today!

Your Battery Expanded

iPhone interior

The most obvious sign that something is up with your iPhone’s battery is when the battery outgrows the phone. After years of hard use, it is normal for a phone battery to expand and cause the phone to come apart. If you find that your iPhone battery is starting to swell then the best-case scenario is that you’re in need of phone battery repair.

Odds are that you’ll want to take quick action to start the process of disposing of your iPhone battery. Make sure that you don’t puncture the battery pack during this process or you’ll expose yourself and those around you to toxic and harmful chemicals.

Look for separation between your iPhone screen and the body of the phone. Another sign that your battery is swelling is the whiteness of your screen. You can get more info on

iPhone Shuts down at Random

iPhone black screen

Another big sign that something is up with your iPhone battery is when your iPhone starts shutting down at random times. Your iPhone could shut down while you still have half of your battery life left. It also could be a sign that your iPhone needs to get recalibrated.

You can recalibrate your iPhone by letting it run out of battery life and shut itself down. Once that happens, plug your iPhone into a reliable charging cord and let it charge to 100 percent without using or interrupting it.

After your iPhone battery fully recharges you should perform a soft reset by holding the sleep button and one of the volume buttons until you see the Apple logo.

Your iPhone Feels Sluggish

If you’ve downloaded iOS 11.3 or later on your iPhone and it runs in a slow or sluggish manner then it could be a sign that your iPhone battery life is deteriorating. One way to determine the health of your phone battery is by going into settings and selecting the “Battery” option.

Once you’re there you should see an option for battery health for your iPhone. If your iPhone battery isn’t doing well then you’ll see. a prompt that tells you that your phone’s battery is degraded and should get replaced in the near future. The sluggishness is a sign that your iPhone is getting throttled as a result of a lack of battery life.

Terrible Battery Life

Low battery on iPhone

It might seem obvious, but terrible battery life and experiencing your phone battery dying quickly is a sure sign that you need to replace your iPhone battery. Keep in mind that all batteries are consumables, which means that the more that you use your iPhone, the more the battery will degrade.

The phone battery’s battery life will diminish with usage and age, but it shouldn’t require a fresh round of charging after only a few hours. If you find that you’re running to find a phone charger after a few hours then it is time to get a phone battery repair or look into getting a new phone.

iPhone Only Functions when Plugged in

iPhone charging

If you’re finding that your iPhone won’t work the way it is designed to unless it is plugged into a charger then it should be a sign that it is time to get a replacement iPhone battery. It is a sign that your iPhone battery is used up and completely dead.

Odds are that your iPhone will not turn on when it isn’t plugged into a power source. Test it to see if it boots up and functions when it gets plugged into the charger. If it functions at that point then you’ll know with certainty that you need to get a replacement iPhone battery.

iPhone Feels Hot to the Touch

It is normal for your iPhone to generate heat when you’re charging the battery. Your phone’s lithium-ion battery is meant to internalize the heat that gets produced and protect the other components of the phone. If you continue finding that your iPhone is too hot to touch then odds are that you’ve got some issues with your iPhone battery.

You also need to think about your settings when you have a hot iPhone. If you’ve left your phone out in the sun while you’re at the beach then it is normal for the phone to get hot. At that point, your issue is most likely the sun rather than issues with your phone battery.

If you’re worried that the problem is your battery then you should go into Settings and select the Battery option. There are two times there that you can select, one that says Usage and the other that says Standby. Make sure that you record the numbers for each option.

After that, put your phone in standby mode and don’t touch it for ten or 15 minutes. After the time is up, check those two same timers. Usage should only go up by a minute or so, while Standby should increase by 10 minutes.

Get Your iPhone Battery Replacement Today

One of the best things that you can do for your iPhone battery is to understand and identify the signs that your phone needs phone battery repair. Keep an eye out for signs that your iPhone battery is welling and look at your battery health to determine if you have issues with iPhone battery life.

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