Smart City: The Biggest Step Towards Sustainability

Smart City is not a dream anymore. It is a reality, and we are moving closer to achieve it. It will not only change our lifestyle but help us to achieve sustainability. 

Moreover, it is one of the giant steps towards development, technology and safe future.

Smart City:

Urbanization has led to various problems. Most of the issues are environmental. To deal with the issues of urbanization and to achieve sustainable development, people are planning to develop smart cities. 

It is a framework. There are various technologies in this framework. It uses Information and communication technologies. Moreover, it helps in developing, operating and promoting sustainable development. It will also help to face the challenges of urbanization.

In this city, all the information and data can be shared amongst the citizens using cloud servers. Citizens can use cloud-based apps to do any task. They can communicate with the municipal corporation and other organizations via this technology. It will make living comfortable and better.

Devices like smartphones, cars, system, and other things can be used for communication.

Internet of Things:

It is the core technology behind the smart city. Everybody in the smart city ecosystem can communicate and share information using this technology. Traffic, street lights, cars, parking, waste management, and all the other things can be controlled. 

Big Data:

Big data is another technology which can help. The data from all the citizen in the city can be stored, sorted and used accordingly. The data can be stored on the cloud. Everybody will have access to the information.

Importance of Smart City:

The smart city will use technology to cover all the operations in a town. It will help in optimizing and saving power and resources. Moreover, it will help in all these areas.

  • IT-Connectivity
  • Urban Mobility
  • Citizen Participation
  • Waste Management
  • Power Supply
  • Public Transportation
  • Water Management
  • Sanitation
  • E-Governance

Examples of Smart City:

Here are some examples of smart cities. Many cities in the world have already started implementing this idea.

Smart City

Amsterdam Smart City: 

This project was launched in 2009. There were consolidated 170 projects in this city. In this city, all the traffic and transportation data is shared. Companies can use this data to create apps which help the citizen to manage traffic and transport. They also have delivery boats. There are floating houses as well. Moreover, they generate their own power. They use water from the river.

Singapore Smart City:

They are planning to become the first smart nation. They have systems which will know when you smoke in a restricted area. Moreover, they also have the technology to know when you throw litter. They have sensors to know the traffic and manage it. This project was started in 2014. They have a “Virtual Singapore” dashboard which stores all the data. 

Dubai Smart City:

Dubai is also a smart city. They have more than 50 services. The government is running a new initiative. It also goes by the name of the Smart Dubai initiative. Moreover, they offer smart services like,

  • Get a taxi
  • Find an ATM
  • Report violation
  • Track package
  • VRS system for speeding ticket
  • Pay energy bill
  • Track visa status

These are three examples of smart cities in the world. Apart from these places, there are other intelligent cities like Barcelona, Copenhagen, New York, smart city. Moreover, our safe future lies in Smart City.