Smart Glass Technology: Energy Efficiency and Privacy

The smart glass has become an integral part of green building and smart home construction. There are different name for a smart glass-like,

  • Light control glass
  • Switchable glass
  • Privacy glass
  • Smart window

Smart glass is the perfect blend of emergency efficiency and privacy. One of the main reasons why it is a part of green building is that it saves energy by controlling the heat in your home.

Along with energy conservation, it also helps in maintaining the privacy of your phone. With smart glass, you don’t have to invest in expensive curtains. 

Smart Glass:

Smart glass is different from ordinary glass. It controls different forms of light. This glass is built using superior technology. It helps the glass to switch from one mode to another. It can go from clear to opaque to shade on your demand. 

There are two types of smart glass. One is active; the other is passive. The active glassworks on electricity. Passive glass doesn’t need power. 

Types of Smart Active Glass Technologies:

Smart glass gets the functionality because of the technologies used in it. 

  • Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal
  • Suspended Particle Device 
  • Electrochromic

Types of Smart Passive Glass Technologies:

This glass doesn’t need electricity to change the functions.

  • Photochromic Glass
  • Thermochromic Glass

Benefits of Using Smart Glass:

Smart glass offers various benefits. You can use it in the residential area as well as a commercial area.

Privacy Control:

It is best for privacy control. Most of the time, the windows we use in offices as well as home are transparent. You have to add curtains to avoid the passersby from peeping in. But with smart glass, you can change the function of the glass to make it shaded.

Energy Cost:

Normal glass doesn’t filter the light that enters your home. Along with visible light UV as well as IR also enters your home. It makes the room hot during summers. But with smart glass, you can change the functions and make only visible light enter your home. This way, only light will enter, and heat will remain outside. It will save your air-conditioner cost. You can save a lot on energy bills. It also consumes less power.

Projection Screen:

Smart glass can also work as a projection screen. You can use a projector to watch movies or conduct presentations in your office. All you need to do is adjust the lighting to get a theatre-like experience.

smart glass technology


When you use a smart glass, people from outside your house cannot peep in. The glass is very thick and strong. It cannot be broken easily. This way, you can prevent any recovery or break-ins.

Protective Layers:

There are many protective layers in the smart glass. You can choose the layers you want. Most people choose six protective layers which include, protective film on both sides, ITO film of both sides, and liquid crystal and polymer film.

Multiple Control Options:

You can control smart glass through various options. You can change the glass function by using a switch. There is a dimmer which helps you to choose the amount of light. It also works with a remote and smartphone.

These are the benefits of using smart glass. You can use this glass in your windows, office partitions, and meeting rooms.